Day 3475: The past, present, and future

In the past, I’ve experienced trauma, fear, sadness, anger, joy, shame, pride, loss, grief, love, friendship, beauty, ugliness, hope, despair, mistakes, lessons learned, the unexpected, the expected, connection, disconnection, injustice, justice, privilege, emotional pain, physical pain, healing, comedy, tragedy, triumphs, disappointments, and many adventures.

In the present, I’m grateful to be writing another blog post for me and for you.

In the future, I’ll be inviting people (including myself) to focus less on the past and future and more on the present.

Can you see the past, present, and future in my images for today?

I see the past, present, and future in today’s National Days. For example, ice cream 🍨🍦is in my future, even if the lottery isn’t.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “the past, present, and future.”

I also find this:

In the present, I’m smiling at one of the comments about that video on YouTube: “Try telling your boss that time is an illusion.”

Thanks to all who read this blog in the past, the present, and future, including YOU!

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14 thoughts on “Day 3475: The past, present, and future

  1. thanks anne! Great videos and photos! I am reminded to be more present as I sometimes forget. Xx

  2. I am here, now.

  3. Here’s to yesterday, today and tomorrow, Ann. 🤓

  4. puella33

    What beautiful pictures. I would say the first picture with all the board games has a taste of past , present and future . Have a nice day, Ann

  5. Sometimes you post plaques of remembrance, as you did today. Today’s was on a fence and there was a photo of the person being remembered. I’ve never seen anything like that around here, although the parts board has a program that allows people to put their loved ones name on a park bench in exchange for a donation. Are memorial plaques like that common in the States? Or just in the Boston area?

    I feel quite sad about the lost and broken glasses. (Somehow I feel more sad for the owner of that pair of glasses than I do for myself even though I recently broke irreparably my almost brand new glasses when they fell on the road as I looked down, stepping off a curb.)

    • That plaque was actually on a bench and I had never seen one with a photo before. I am always glad to see you and your empathy, Maureen.

  6. I look to the past, usually with a misty view of nostalgia, though it’s probably somewhat romanticized with the passage of time. there were some hard times in the past as well, but I tend to look at them as what led me to now and I don’t dwell on them. I love the present, even on the hard days, and wake up early, like a child still, because I’m truly excited for the day. as you know, I always look at the future as being open to all possibilities.

  7. That’s life in a nutshell

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