Day 2894: One Thing That Frightens You

These days, it’s difficult to identify one thing that frightens me, because there are so many frightening things out there.

What frightens me on this day includes

  • the increase in COVID cases and death,
  • COVID deniers,
  • anti-maskers,
  • large gatherings of people,
  • systemic racism,
  • climate change,
  • the state of the world,
  • the state of my country,
  • crazy conspiracy theories,
  • the number of people who believe crazy conspiracy theories,
  • Trump’s increasingly outrageous behaviors, and
  • people who do not call out outrageous behaviors.

Is there one thing that frightens you in my latest photos?

Has that cow been frightened off of its base?

Things that frighten you, me, and others have inspired my new song, entitled “What’s Your Fear, My Dear?” for my frighteningly ambitious new project, Therapy: The Musical. I plan to work on my first musical during the dark and frightening weeks of the New England winter.

One thing that does NOT frighten me is sharing my ideas here, so here are some lyrics from “What’s Your Fear, My Dear?”

What’s Your Fear, My Dear?

by Ann Koplow

What’s your fear, my dear?

I really want to hear, my dear.

Do not fear sharing that

Now and here.


It’s not so much a fear of flying

As it is a fear of dying

or falling too far,

Or of the danger of how high up you are.

Public speaking?

That’s a fear of your voice squeaking

Of your confidence leaking

In front of them all,

As your dignity suffers a fall.


Well, my dear, I would be lying

If I said I wasn’t afraid of that too.

Does it help if I join that with you?

© Ann Koplow, 2020

Here’s “Why I do something everyday that scares me,” a 2016 TED talk by Emma Van Der Merwe at the University of Edinburgh.

I fear you will miss out if you don’t watch that video.

I assume gratitude is one thing that doesn’t frighten you, so thanks to all who help me do one blogging thing each day, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 2894: One Thing That Frightens You

  1. Yes, it does help to know that you feel that too. It’s not only comfort. I think I am also a learning from your example. Maybe I will (paradoxically?) overcome my fear of public speaking during the pandemic when I have no opportunities for public speaking, partly by observing you do it. Thank you for sharing your song, Ann.
    PS. This Chanukah we are adding one ukulele to our household, in large part because of you.

  2. Good job on sharing your thoughts via song, Ann. I am fearing more each day the amount of our fellow country people who rally behind what’s coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  3. My biggest fear is the stupidity of wo/mankind!

  4. There are smart ways to go toward what frightens you and not so smart ways. Eddie Izzard put it very well when he said, “I tend to go towards things that scare me now, I think that’s very positive – not anything, like leaping off a cliff onto spikes scares me, and I don’t go, ‘Let’s go!'”
    I hope sharing your songs never frightens you but even if it does I’m glad you’ll keep doing it.

  5. I love that you’re working on a musical and have no fear about it. I have a fear of clowns, they don’t show their real faces – . and dentists who do )

  6. I fear going to the the dentist cos they have no fillings. Lol! (●මᴗමσ)σணღ*

  7. No contest – heights

  8. What beautiful landscapes Ann, I like the one with the fence and grass on foreground. One Thing That Frightens me is that Harley’s predictions will not be heard.

  9. Thank you for sharing your lyrics, Ann. They are tremendous! I fear so many things, but I think rarely for myself, at least not in proportion to what I fear for my children and grandchildren. I am beginning to fear other people, which is a weird admission. I never realized how many people there are capable of denying science and statistics. It leaves me very unsettled!

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