Day 2893: Cleaning up

During transitions, especially messy ones, there’s always cleaning up to do.

Let’s see if today’s Daily Bitch Calendar offers any support for cleaning up during these messy transition times in the USA.

Actually, my husband Michael is the one in this home who cleans it up, but I can still do my part, as you can see here:

Over the last four years I’ve had many urges to throw and break things in my home. However, I’ve been thoughtful enough of Michael’s labors to scream into pillows, punch pillows, and kick imaginary people instead.

It’s going to be very interesting watching the new administration cleaning it up in the White House, after years of somebody throwing and breaking things.

Do you see any evidence of cleaning up in today’s other photos?

Michael cooks the meals in this house and cleans up after them, too. Yes, my dear readers, I’ve certainly cleaned up in the sweepstakes of life.

And as I walk near the ocean these days, I’m so happy that people who prioritize cleaning up the environment will be back in power.

There are lots of “cleaning up” songs on YouTube. Here’s my favorite one — “Clean Up Woman” performed by the late, great Betty Wright:

You don’t need to do any cleaning up to leave a comment, below.

I like cleaning up the end of every post with gratitude, so thanks to all who help me blog every day, including YOU.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2893: Cleaning up

  1. The exercise machine has been cleaned up of the towels, it appears to me, Ann!

  2. I find that angry cleaning can be very therapeutic. Sometimes I’ll even get so frustrated I’ll make a mess just to have something to clean up.

  3. Harley could be a great cat for the Biden household, but he’s already got a great position in the Ann & Michael household already — sparing all of you the trauma of another transition.

  4. A clean sweep of fun photos

  5. “what’s the point of cleaning up your act if you don’t have an act?” – martin mull

  6. puella33

    The pedal on your elliptical bike is crooked, Ann. The White House will have to be disinfected for the new administration- it has Covid germs. I have to clean up my own place for the Christmas tree and the Manger.

    • We all have a lot of cleaning up to do and I want to clean up a misconception — that elliptical pedal just LOOKS crooked in that shot. However, we agree that we have a crooked President.

  7. There’s something incredibly therapeutic in ‘setting things to rights.’ I often clean when frustrated or sad. Makes me feel like *something* is within my control…. And you are very fortunate to have a spouse who’s diligent about cooking and cleaning, Ann. Mine? Not so much, although he *is* good about showing up for all meals and complimenting my efforts. 😉

  8. The older I get the more I realize that it’s so important to clean up my emotional and mental space. (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

  9. Cleaning up is easier with friends like Harley and Michael.

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