Day 2648: What the world needs now

One thousand, two hundred, and twenty-seven days ago, when it was a different world, I published another blog post with today’s title.  Now, more than ever, what the world needs now is love, sweet love.

Yesterday, people participating in the world of my online Coping and Healing groups shared that they enjoyed watching this video of Berklee students —  alone but together —   performing “What the World Needs Now.”

I really need that video and I need to share my new photos with the world, here and now:
















Yesterday, I needed that delicious chicken dish, I needed Michael, I needed a walk outside, I needed the cats, and I needed to figure out how to make my new whiteboard work for my online groups.

What the world needs now is

  • love, sweet love,
  • any thoughts and feelings you choose to share in a comment, below. and
  • gratitude, so thanks to all who are showing love during these difficult times (including YOU).


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23 thoughts on “Day 2648: What the world needs now

  1. I love sharing your world before I start my at-home library work, Ann.

  2. What a beautiful version — my post yesterday on my blog was called, Love. Sweet Love. and I shared Jackie de Shannon’s version of this song!

    I love this virtual rendition — and Bacharach was prescient back in 1965! Love is timeless. and we need more of it now. ❤

  3. I love that something which is physically keeping people apart is also bringing so many people together.

  4. What the world needs now, and particularly after Covid-19 is behind us, is honesty, fairness, equality, social conscience and responsibility.

  5. We all need deeper sensitivity to life, to love and to God. It’s easy to overlook being caring and mindful of things when you are faced with challenges and all you can think of is you and what you feel. But if we can shift our focus for a moment and look up and see the one who created the sun moon and stars and the great galaxies, look back and see where we’ve come from and how many times it should have all ended but it didnt, look forward knowing that the one who stood by in the past is the one who will hold our hand into the future, things will be different.

  6. Here’s a video i found that I felt expresses faith in times such as these, please watch on comment on youtube to encourage the person who took the effort to put this out there.

  7. I like the clip
    what the world needs now is patience

  8. puella33

    I love that musical video, what the world needs now is more love , respect and understanding

  9. I needed that video too. Thanks for posting it! Good luck with your workshops.

  10. that video was just what i needed now. and our world needs to be safe and compassionate now to help others have a future.

  11. What the world needs now is Harley and Oscar sweet love.

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