Day 2649: Coping strategies during a pandemic

Yesterday, after I was sharing coping strategies with a Coping and Healing online group, I found this online article “How to look after your mental health during a pandemic.”

The coping strategies in that article include

  • Coping with loneliness.
  • Tools for coping with anxiety.
  • Open communication and simple relaxation.

Here are some quotes from that article:

“Physical distancing and isolation measures, the closure of schools and workplaces, are particularly [challenging for] us, as they affect what we love to do, where we want to be, and who we want to be with.” —Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe

” Routine is very important for well-being, so … write a list of people and activities that lift your spirits; be sure to prioritize time for connecting with others and doing things you enjoy every day.”  —  Tania Diggory, founder of Calmer.”

… we can also reconnect with those hobbies and relaxation techniques that don’t require a screen — reading, taking a bath, gardening, listening to music, playing music, journaling, writing, arts and crafts, cooking new recipes, stroking your pet,  daydreaming … so much to savor and enjoy.” — Kat Hounsell, founder of everyday people.

“Personally, I’m sticking to what has worked for me in the past when I want to be calm — for example, learning and practicing simple relaxation techniques, like breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, mindfulness [and] meditation [which] can all be very helpful in alleviating mental distress.”  — Dr. Hans Kluge

Most of these issues and coping strategies came up in my Coping and Healing online group yesterday, which included one member theorizing that the pandemic was caused by a conspiracy of house cats, who want us to be home more.  Several cats were attending the group (including Oscar) and none of the cats denied it.

Do you see any coping strategies in my recent photos?
















I think letting go of self-judgment, guilt, shame, and worry are important coping strategies, especially during a pandemic.

Music and dance are wonderful coping strategies, and the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater has posted this on YouTube:

For a limited time only, as part of Ailey All Access, you’re getting access to watch Alvin Ailey’s ‘Revelations’ in its in entirety from your own home. We hope this rare opportunity brings you a moment of joy during these uncertain times.

Please share your coping strategies during a pandemic in the comments section, below.

Gratitude is always a coping strategy for me, so thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.



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24 thoughts on “Day 2649: Coping strategies during a pandemic

  1. We really like to walk around our blocks, Ann, and that we can still do as the weather cooperates.

  2. gratitude works for me too, and living alone, save for olive the cat, i’ve really had to up my game. i do calming things, walks, baths, books, movies, music, writing, finishing long undone projects, and connect with humans in ways that i can – walking together at a distance, a car parade birthday celebration, writing letters to people, phone calls and online chats. not the same, but i am grateful for all of these things nonetheless. i am also beginning my virtual teaching, which requires me to quickly master a number of tech things that are way beyond anything i’ve done, in a very short time. virtual meetings, emails, questions, lessons. what i am grateful for, is being able to connect with the children and families in my class, to help them navigate their way through this, tell them whatever they do or don’t do is okay, to just stay connected and calm whenever possible. the rest will work itself out. it helps me to feel i can help them in some way. i love your session with your cats, and hope they are grateful for it.

  3. We are going to plant some veggies today. We haven’t done that in years because slugs eat everything. Is this a coping strategy or self-punishment? It awaits to be seen. (Or eaten)

  4. I asked Daisy, our cat, what she thought of it all and she said it was a Purrfect pandemic for pussies.

  5. puella33

    I discovered painting. I was observing the photo of your shoes- do you disinfect them and how? Thanks, Ann

    • I do not disinfect my shoes nor have I heard any experts recommend that. Thanks for sharing!

      • puella33

        I was just wondering , since you took pictures of your shoes.

      • I took a picture of old sneakers which were totally worn down and my new sneakers which came in the mail!

  6. Having a routine helps me cope and I’m glad coming here is part of it.

  7. No judgement here I don’t do that, no guilt as a general rule can’t see the point, shame nah not me which leaves worry which as my late Nan would say worring causes wrinkles and changes nothing.

  8. Hummock is not a word I encounter frequently, outside of literature. Thanks for the photo.

  9. Spending copious amounts of time outside. Mother Nature is good company in trying times. And practicing gratitude for the many blessings I enjoy, despite the pandemic, this blog making them. ☺️

  10. What’s the story behind the hummock?

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