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Day 3531: Winging it

As usual, I’m winging it here this morning, which seems particularly appropriate on National Chicken Boy Day.

I’ll be winging it today as I facilitate two therapy groups and prepare to meet a new electrophysiologist/cardiologist tomorrow. Next week, I’ll be winging it down south for my vacation.

Do you see anybody winging it in my images for today?


Winging it makes even more sense on National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day.

Orange you glad that this woman whose hair is silver and who often wears purple is winging it with spirit in the month of September?

Here’s what I find when I’m winging it on YouTube.

Any chance you’ll be winging it in the comments section, below?

Thanks to all who are winging it, here and now, including YOU.

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Day 3030: Your calm place

Last week, in a Coping and Healing group, I did a mindfulness exercise where I invited people to go to a calm place — remembered, imagined, or where they actually were in the moment. Most of the calm places involved water.

My calm place was exactly where I was: my son’s old room, in front of a computer screen filled with group members. Using mindfulness — focusing on your breath and doing your best to be in the moment, accepting all your thoughts and constantly redirecting your attention to the here and now, letting go of judgment — your calm place can be exactly where you are.

I’m in my calm place here and now, creating this blog post for you and me. Do you see calm places in today’s images?

I’m in my calm place whenever I’m watching British competition shows like “The Great British Bake Off” and “The Great Pottery Throw Down”. Those shows, despite the constant possibility of disastrous results for the contestants, are so much more calming than American competition shows.

Here‘s what I find when I search YouTube for “your calm place.”

It’s challenging to get to your calm place when there is so much to be vigilant about, these days. Please help make this blog a calm place by leaving a comment about your calm place, below.

Gratitude helps make every place a calm place, so thanks to all who help me create this daily blogging place, including YOU.

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Day 2648: What the world needs now

One thousand, two hundred, and twenty-seven days ago, when it was a different world, I published another blog post with today’s title.  Now, more than ever, what the world needs now is love, sweet love.

Yesterday, people participating in the world of my online Coping and Healing groups shared that they enjoyed watching this video of Berklee students —  alone but together —   performing “What the World Needs Now.”

I really need that video and I need to share my new photos with the world, here and now:
















Yesterday, I needed that delicious chicken dish, I needed Michael, I needed a walk outside, I needed the cats, and I needed to figure out how to make my new whiteboard work for my online groups.

What the world needs now is

  • love, sweet love,
  • any thoughts and feelings you choose to share in a comment, below. and
  • gratitude, so thanks to all who are showing love during these difficult times (including YOU).


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Day 136: Clichés (continued)

Last week, I wrote a post on clichés (see here), and how I was hearing some clichés differently.

I am learning that clichés have much to teach me. (Other things that can teach me a lot: this blog; other people’s blogs; other people in general; machines including phones, fax machines, and pacemakers; and animals including cats, zebras, black rhinos, and small rodents including this one, which — if my memory is correct — is a dwarf hamster whose official title includes one of the countries in the map I posted yesterday:


Anyway, I would like to add another cliché to the ones in that previous post:

6.  The best things in life are free.

Yes, indeed. Including water. And love.

Thanks for reading, everybody! (And to quote Jonathan Hilton, a loyal and appreciated reader, all’s well that ends well.)


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