Day 2337: Maintaining Positive Mental Health

In yesterday’s mostly positive post, I shared this information about maintaining positive mental health:


Tip 1: Connect with others.


Tip 2: Be physically active.


Tip 3: Get professional help if needed (not pictured, but click on the link if needed).

Tip 4: Celebrate every moment.


Tip 5: Be aware of the time, so you can savor it without rushing.




Tip 6: Try not to get overwhelmed by all the data out there.

Tip 7: Observe, just notice.







Tip 8: Welcome everyone and everything.



Tip 9: Travel thoughtfully.



Tip 10: Spend time with people you love.


Tips 11 and 12: Smile and travel light.

Tip 13: Use any excuse …


… to share music you love (here and here on YouTube):

Tip 14:  Practice the helpful antidote to the cognitive distortion of mind reading by reality testing — asking for reactions from people you respect (that’s you, readers!)

Tip 15: Express gratitude, every day.


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20 thoughts on “Day 2337: Maintaining Positive Mental Health

  1. Maintaining Positive Mental Health can have a lot to do with Harley!

  2. It must be good to have your boy home! Loved that Nelson Riddle piece. Took me wa-aay back to when my Dad played his records!

  3. lifeinkarolingston

    Expressing my gratitude for today post 🙂

  4. I know you will be getting your kicks with the return of Aaron for the summer, Ann!

  5. I am so glad that Aaron is home. Big smile on my face now — and that is good for my mental health.

  6. It’s so perfect that part of Aaron’s trip home included Route 66, a route that connects so many people.
    I think finding those metaphorical connections is also key to good mental health.

  7. I have deprerssion and need medication to keep me functioning each day, I also have panic attacks at times

    • I’m positive you help others maintain positive mental health, Joanne, and I’m glad you keep working on maintaining yours. ❤

  8. Some good advice here, Ann

  9. Pingback: Day 2374: The opposite of a narcissist | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  10. I am certain that Aaron’s arrival has contributed to your positive mental health in a very BIG way! 🙂 Celebrate every day!

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