Day 2336: Better Speech and Hearing Month

If this is Better Speech and Hearing Month,


why aren’t we hearing better speeches this month? Instead, we’re hearing speeches, again, about our U.S. President being a “stable genius.”  

Considering the speeches we’re hearing this month, I would prefer stillness. 

Therefore, I am not going to make any speeches this month.  I’m just going to share all the photos I’ve been taking, looking for better stable geniuses around me. I hope these pictures help  you feel better, hear and now.

































I will share this: I’ve been hearing better speeches about my Coping and Healing groups during Better Speech and Hearing Month, which makes it easier to share groups I love.


How might you celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month?

Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing better speeches (and maybe new comedy monologues) from my son, Aaron, who arrives from Edinburgh today!

Now, let’s hear  “A Very Stable Genius” by Randy Rainbow:

I’m going to be celebrating Lasagna Awareness Month by hearing Randy Rainbow live in Boston.

I look forward to hearing my readers’ speeches in the comments section, below.

It’s better, during any month, to share gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create all of my blog posts during Better Speech and Hearing Month, and — of course! — thanks to YOU,  as always, for hearing me out.


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17 thoughts on “Day 2336: Better Speech and Hearing Month

  1. May you hear and say all you’d like this special long weekend, Ann!

  2. As long as the current occupant of the White House isn’t willing to hear any criticism he’ll never get any better. Willingness to change is the only way to improve, which is why I hear you’re a good therapist and President.

  3. Who is that adorable little kid?

    I look forward to seeing some photos of you and your son spending time together pretty soon. Your photos say a lot and I listen as well as I can.

    Not being an American, and therefore not having the ability to vote for president, I often don’t listen to his speeches. You have my ear. He rarely does.

    • Since I have your ear, I can tell you that the adorable little kid was on the cover of a greeting card. I look forward to seeing you someday, Maureen.

  4. Better Speech and Hearing Month but it’s all because of Harley, and no one else.

    • Harley does have excellent hearing and often makes speeches. Thanks for all your better comments, Maria!

  5. It’s likely that a little more being like the ohm lady on the cup would help me a lot with better speech and hearing month. And that is one unsatisfied cat in the container…

  6. I don’t like istening to speeches they bore me and put me to sleep

  7. So, is he forsaking golf for horse racing?

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  9. I must tell you that you made me laugh, and that’s a good thing! I have been quoting the “stable genius” line every chance I get. I called a good friend this morning and that’s how I started my conversation. “Hi there, this is your friend, the very stable genius!” We have to keep laughing or we’ll fall into despair!

    • I didn’t hear this comment during better speech and hearing month, Debra, but I’m hearing and seeing it now! Better late than never, my friend.

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