Day 2338: The opposite of a narcissist

Narcissists are often on my mind, these days, because they

Because I’m sick to death of narcissists, I want to pose this question today:

What is the opposite of a narcissist?

For all you non-narcissists out there who care, I just googled “What is the opposite of a narcissist” and found this:

The opposite of a narcissist is called an ’empath’— here are the signs you could be one.

If you read that article by Lindsay Dodgson, you’ll find that empaths

  • are very receptive to the emotions of others,
  • don’t have the filters that other people have,
  • are very sensitive to noise and smells,
  • can be overwhelmed by being in crowds,
  •  are often exhausted by social situations,
  • need time alone,  and
  • have difficulty setting boundaries.

Over six years ago, this empath posted Day 208: Another side of mind reading (empathy), which featured the TV show Six Feet Under,  the Cleveland Clinic‘s “Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care” (which always makes me cry), and Gem from Star Trek, who is taught — for the survival of her species — to feel, share, and experience other people’s pain.

Because some things bear repeating, here‘s that amazing video from the Cleveland Clinic:


When I was in my 20’s, I used to ask people this question:

Do you think there are more mean people or more stupid people in this world?

In retrospect, I think I was trying to make sense of  — and better understand — people who seemed so foreign to me.  (I also think I was trying to make sense of — and better understand — the mean and stupid parts of myself, but that’s another story.)  Today, I want to ask this question:

Do you think there are more narcissists or more empaths in this world?

I am happy to report that, based on my 66 years of experience in this world, I firmly believe there are more empaths than narcissists.  (The jury is still out on whether there are more mean people or stupid people.)

Do you see any narcissists or empaths in my photos from yesterday?







Feel free to express any opposites  in a comment, below.

Empathic thanks to those who help me express healthy narcissism in my daily posts and — of course! — special thanks to YOU.




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24 thoughts on “Day 2338: The opposite of a narcissist

  1. I think more spotlight is put on the narcissist than the empath, Ann, because of the nature of our society. I feel your posts every day!

  2. Good morning, Ann, and Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇸 I’m enjoying the leisure to read emails and blogs. Because she wasn’t a narcissist, my mother failed to achieve the recognition her artwork deserved. After she died in 2005, I put up a blog to upload images of her paintings. ❤️ Now I get an occasional email from someone who owns one of her paintings and wants to show it to me. I just had to put a new post in the blog or risk it being deleted. Here’s a link 🎨

  3. The opposite of narcissists are two Shakespearean cats who write masterpieces for the sake of humanity!

  4. Maureen

    We’re lucky if we are born capable of empathy, compassion and consideration of others. Narcissists miss out on the best part of life (in my opinion).

  5. Sometimes I worry I’m a narcissist. I try to quell that concern by telling myself a narcissist wouldn’t worry about being a narcissist, but then my brain can spin an infinite loop of arguments and counter-arguments. In the end I can only hope that I’m not one of the mean or stupid people in the world.

  6. My husband is a bit of a nacarcissist at times

    • We all are bits of narcissists at times, Joanne. A true narcissist has no other choice but to be that way all the time.

  7. Narcissism is often celebrated in our culture! Those of us on the “empath scale” can be criticized as co-dependents! It’s an upside down world at times!

  8. Unfortunately empaths don’t make so much noise

  9. Empathetic thanks right back at you Ann. 💛

  10. Ann, dear heart….I love yer stuff, heap big much!

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