Day 1692: Traveling light

For as long as I can remember, whenever I travel, I travel light. That is, I bring along as little as possible. Personally, the less baggage I’m carrying around, the freer I feel.

There are things I have to take, though, as I pack for today’s flight to Edinburgh. Those necessities are

  •  my passport,
  •  my medication,
  • my laptop, and
  • money.

Anything else — including things I forget to pack — I can always buy in Scotland.

Certain people help me travel light. One of them is my boyfriend, Michael.  Yesterday, when I said I hadn’t checked the news yet, he said, “You don’t have to.  I can tell you what the news is. ‘The President said something incredibly ridiculous.'” I added, “And somebody left the administration.” No need to check the news right now, which helps some people travel light.

I think this blog is going to be light on photos today.  Let’s see ….





That second goal was added to my work white board yesterday by another person who helps me travel light: my son, Aaron.

It helps me travel light to know that Aaron and I are going to see my standup-comedy teacher and comedian extraordinaire Ron Lynch in Edinburgh this year.  If you’d like to travel light years into the past for previous posts about Ron, see here (which includes links to other Ron-Lynch-related posts).

Traveling light to YouTube, I found this ….

and this.

Funny people and artists shine a light, helping us travel more lightly through life.

I take gratitude wherever I go, no matter how light I’m traveling.  Thanks to all who helped me create this traveling-light post and — of course! — to you, for traveling here, now.


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43 thoughts on “Day 1692: Traveling light

  1. Enjoy your time with Aaron at the Fringe, Ann!

  2. Oh dear, oh dear

  3. Have a wonderful trip! And thanks for posting that happy Super Dog photo. What a happy pup! 😉

  4. I like the Super Pup too! Hope you travel with a light heart and have fun!

  5. I’m envious of you having both studied with Ron Lynch and getting to see him, but I’m leaving it behind so it doesn’t weigh me down.
    A few months ago when I took a trip I packed everything I needed into a small bag and yet couldn’t resist saying “I know I’ve got a lot of baggage but I’m seeing a therapist.” Carrying plenty of jokes is the best way to keep things light.

  6. Enjoy your time in Scotland, Ann 🙂

  7. The more I travel, the lighter I pack too. If it wasn’t for the fact that I like to bring my hiegiene items, I could travel with just a carry on, Anne. ♡
    Diana xo

  8. Have fun!!!!!!

  9. Traveling light makes Scotland even more delicious 😋.,,, as long as you have your anorak and a sense of hmour you will continue to be just fine❣️

  10. Safe journeys. The botanical gardens are calming.

  11. Travelling light isn’t something Tim could do he is a serious over packer, it amazes me the things he packs when we go away.

  12. I’ve always had the impression you’d be a “light” traveler, and confirmed with your little Superdog pal to get you out of any thistly situation, have a wee good time over there.

  13. safe travels Ann! Enjoy!

  14. Have a wonderful time. I need to take lessons from you about travelling light. I always pack too much.

  15. Have a great time! I’d let you stay on my land, but it’s only ten foot square:-) I guess you could pitch a very small tent…

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  17. What a deLIGHTful flying puppy! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

  18. I really want to work on traveling light. Safe travels! 🙂

  19. MadLady

    My favorite feeling is being able to grab one bag out of the over head bin and walk out of the airport. It’s even better when it’s a backpack. That way I can still keep my hands free. It feels almost like winning a lottery on the first day of a trip, a great way to start one in my opinion.

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