Day 2282: Your favorites here!

When I was grocery shopping yesterday with one of my favorites (my boyfriend Michael from Boston), I saw this sign:


My favorites are here, there, and everywhere.   Where are your favorites?

Some favorite thoughts about favorites are here!

  • It’s helpful to write a list of favorites — also called “a gratitude list.”  It’s one of my favorite ways to improve somebody’s mood.
  • It’s NOT helpful for parents to play favorites among their children.
  • Favorites is spelled “Favourites” in the United Kingdom.
  • Yesterday, one of my favorite people, who has the same kind of unusual heart as one of your favorite bloggers, asked me to be on one of his favorite podcasts about congenital heart conditions.
  • Last week, I started writing another original song about a favorite subject  (“Comfort”)  which I hope will be one of your favorites.
  • This past weekend, my favorite Michael and I watched the latest film by our favorites the Coen brothers and now The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is one of my favorites.
  • April is one of my favorite months, even though  one of my favorite poets — T. S. Eliot — said it was the cruelest one.
  • I encourage people not to play favorites with their feelings, but to accept all of them.
  • I try to capture favorite images every day with my camera and my latest ones are here!






One of m favorites, these days, is dancing to favorite songs with my favorite Michael.  One of my favorite songs for dancing is here!

It’s not peculiar that I’m ending this post with thanks to all who helped me create it and (of course!) to you, because that’s one of my favorite things to do!



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22 thoughts on “Day 2282: Your favorites here!

  1. ❤️ my favorite shape

  2. Luis del Castillo

    You and your blog are definitely in my favorites list

  3. Tom Paxton is one of my favourites:

  4. A friend asked me, “Who’s your favorite Python?” I said that was like being asked what my favorite ingredient was in a chocolate cake. He said, “Fine, who’s your favorite of The Kids In The Hall?” I said, “Same problem,” and I realized how hard it is to pick a favorite–or favourite–from any group.

    • I know what my favorite ingredient is in a chocolate cake — chocolate. Thanks for sharing another favorite comment, Chris.

  5. I have many, Ann, which makes me a fortunate man.

  6. We all have favourites trying to not have a favourite child isn’t always easy because we tend to connect with one child more than others, well I do

  7. One of my favorites is listening to a surprise oldie by Marvin Gaye.Thanks for sharing. A favorite I just had minutes ago is a fresh vegetable medley over seasoned rice. An upcoming favorite is going to be eating a dollop or two of sorbet so I can clean my palate. Right now, as I finish responding to your post, I’m humming and tapping my foot, which is a rhythmic favorite of mine.

  8. I can’t wait to hear your song about comfort, Ann.

  9. A favorite is Harley. Great photo!

  10. I like your favorites list very much, Ann. I hope you’ll let us know how to access the podcast episode when you contribute to it! And it makes me smile picturing you and Michael dancing together. 🙂

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