Day 2281: Signs of spring

I’m often looking for signs, including signs of the advent of spring (my favorite season).

The “sign” post I  just linked to in that signature opening paragraph — Day 1319: Subtle signs — has subtle signs that I wrote that blog post shortly before two major life signposts: my open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Since the 2016 election, I’ve noticed signs that I — and the United States — have somehow changed.  I see signs of that in every blog post I’ve written since then.  Of course, everything changes and everything changes us, although this saying

The more things change, the more they stay the same

is a sign that perhaps I should change my mind about that, also.

Here are some other signs on my mind:

  • The tears in my eyes, as I write this, are signs of some unresolved grief about past events.
  • Older people often look for the signs of dementia in themselves and others.
  • When I procrastinate doing something — like writing a Letter from the President for a newsletter — that’s a sign that I need more information or need to resolve some fear about the outcome.
  • We tend to look for signs, in the present, that replicate our experiences as children, sometimes ignoring richer, more diverse signs of a wider range of possibilities.
  • I am making a concerted effort to be open to signs that conflict with my expectations.
  • I’ve dealt with signs that I’m catastrophizing more than most people by writing a song about that (included in yesterday’s blog post, here).
  • I went looking for actual signs of spring, yesterday.












Signs of spring remind me that I’ll be seeing Pat Metheny in concert this spring. Here‘s “Spring Ain’t Here” by the Pat Metheny Group.


I’ll be looking for signs of your reactions to this post in the comments section, below.

No matter what the season, you’ll always find signs of my gratitude — for those who help me write this daily blog and for readers like YOU — at the end of every post.


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19 thoughts on “Day 2281: Signs of spring

  1. ❤️ It is a good idea to look for signs of spring when you have tears in your eyes from past events.

  2. Before commenting here I went and read your 7th post and was interested in the signs of how what you write has changed–or rather how you write, since your style has changed but your subjects haven’t. It’s a really good sign that after all this time you’ve allowed some things to change but stayed in touch with what matters.

  3. Thank you for sharing your hopeful signs of spring today, Ann.

  4. I love the F-bomb. Not usually the sort that I drop. And your catastrophizing song is fabulous. I loved it’s back and forth between knowledge and the habit. Sooooo true.

  5. Oh so cool, which is what the weather is today

  6. Signs of spring are perfect examples of some things never changing

  7. Because of your posts, I actively look for signs of hope instead of doom.

  8. There is so much stress floating in the air these days! I can feel it everywhere I go, and I do believe that much of it is due to the insecurity we feel with a shaky government. But I think you were wise to follow the signs of spring to refresh and renew the spirit! The crocus peeking through the soil is a very encouraging sign! 🙂

  9. Signs of spring are those rain lilies! Look for them after it rains.

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