Day 2283: People who love are forgiving.

Please forgive me, my loving readers, for starting this post with this image:


I love blogging every day, so I forgive WordPress or my computer or my phone or technology in general for making it SO difficult, just now, to upload that ONE photo out of all my new pictures.

Forgiving is lovely. I recommend it.

Let me know if you love and/or forgive any of my other photos from yesterday.
















I love people who vote. I’m not sure I forgive people who don’t vote, but I’m working on it.

Here‘s what comes up on YouTube when I search for “people who love are forgiving.”

I look forward to your loving, forgiving comments.

I love ending posts with thanks to all who help me create them and — of course! — to YOU.


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18 thoughts on “Day 2283: People who love are forgiving.

  1. If we have another referendum I will not vote for yet another farce. I trust you will forgive me

  2. There are people and their choices who are very hard to forgive but it’s even harder not to, as you continue to carry that load. Just set it down and walk on, lighter for having done so.

  3. Yes, Ann, it is better to forgive.

  4. Do you see yourself as more of a hard-boiled egg or a soft-boiled egg person? Do you see yourself as more of a stair cat or a sofa cat?
    I am a scrambled egg and a windowsill cat.

  5. I love the Tooth Fairy card because it offers up a slightly unsettling explanation of what she does with the teeth she takes, and I feel there’s nothing there to forgive.

  6. Forgiving isn’t my natural inclination because I’m such a judgmental person but when I do it is liberating.

  7. Love and forgiving yeah two words that go well together

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  9. You’ve made me think, Ann! (I forgive you! LOL!) But I realize that I am not the best at forgiveness. I “move on,” for the most part, but I often don’t look back. But I don’t readily forgive. I think I’d like to work on that. I love the card with the tooth fairy bringing the teeth back. Ha!

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