Day 905: Michael from Boston

Many blog posts ago, I expressed a wish to perform  a new rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “Michael from Mountains,” dedicated to my boyfriend, Michael.

Michael is not from mountains. He’s from the Hyde Park section of Boston.

Here are the lyrics to “Michael from Boston” (as adapted by Ann from WordPress):

Michael wakes up from a sleep
He takes me up streets for a coffee run
Sidewalk potholes are so steep
With birdies that cheep, bunnies having fun
There’s kitties and puppies and possum-y pet toys
That lie on the lawn
in colored arrangements I snap with my camera
At dusk and at dawn

Michael from Boston
Go where you will go to
Know that I will know you
Someday I may know you very well

Michael brings me to a park
It’s light and it’s dark with the clouds up high
Kids on zip lines and on swings
Like puppets on strings hanging in the sky

He cooks us great suppers in second floor kitchens
They’re yummy and bold.
And Michael will hold me
To keep away cold when the winters come by
Michael from Boston
Go where you will go to
Know that I will know you
Someday I may know you very well

Michael leads me up the stairs
He wants me to care and he knows I do
Cats come crying at the door
And he feeds them more with a dish or two
There’s rain in the window
There’s sun in the paintings that smile on the wall
I want to hear all
But his accent’s so thick that I never do

Michael from Boston
Go where you will go to
Know that I will know you
Someday I will know you very well.


While I’ve snapped pictures, over my blogging years,  to illustrate almost every point in that song, Ann from WordPress  likes to show  photos she’s taken since her last post. I hope the following photos will reflect aspects of Michael, Boston, and/or those song lyrics.

What do you  — from mountains, Boston, WordPress, or wherever — think of all this?

Now, I need to record that song with the new lyrics. Not sure how good my voice is going to sound this early in the morning. Also, who knows if I’ll get all those new words right?

Well, Ann from WordPress is having trouble recording a video of “Michael from Boston” because I’m getting no sound on my iPhone from Apple.

Because of the help and support of Michael and other kind people from Boston, I am not panicking about technical difficulties these days. However, I’ll need to restart my iPhone to try to fix this. So, I shall post this now and add a performance video later.

Okay! Still no sounds from my iPhone, but the YouTube video has sound, so here it is:

Many thanks to Michael and others from Boston, to Joni from Canada, and to you — of course! — no matter where you’re from.

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32 thoughts on “Day 905: Michael from Boston

  1. If the first picture of the hand on the cat is Michael’s, that says it all

  2. I love your lyrics- I could hear the tune in my head as I read the words. The last 3 photos are my favorites.

  3. I like the poem Ann! How great that you write poems and have the ability to also think about the music, or another composition that inspires you, such as Joni Mitchell’s. I agree with Derrick, Michael’s hands have a beautiful expression of kindness and tranquility.

    • How great that you so beautifully express kindness and tranquility, too, Maria!

      • Thanks Ann! How is it that you get the music? Is there a software that separates the voice from the music of an artist? Like that guitar you were singing along with, was that Joni Mitchell’s guitar or some form of karaoke?

      • There just happened to be an instrumental version of this that existed on YouTube. Not sure how this was done. If you look at my old post that I link to in the beginning of this one, there’s a link to that instrumental version.

      • Okay, now I understand, I remember having seen musicians play instrumental versions of songs in YouTube, and they are very good too. Thanks.

  4. I, too, could hear the tune, and I sang along. I look forward to a video of this!
    And yes, good hand shot.

  5. I love this, your voice, Joni Mitchell from Canada, and what a gift to Michael, Ann!<3 ❤ ❤
    Diana, from Canada xo

    • I love this comment, your voice, and Joni Mitchell from Canada too, Diana! ❤ ❤ ❤
      Ann from Boston xoxo

  6. I love your heart Ann from Boston via WordPress and how you express it in every form.

    Louise from Canada too! 🙂 ❤

  7. One picture in your daily collections always seems to leap out. Today it was the one that said “Innovators needed”. You and Michael are both innovators, and your enrichment of the world we live in is needed.

    • Your innovative enrichment of the world is needed, too, Christopher. Ann from Boston is very grateful for you.

  8. thanks for sharing your
    sweet heart song
    with me this morning, Ann.
    how wonderful to have
    such love supporting you 🙂

  9. I thought I wanted a Michael…. and then I realized I have a Don!
    Love, loyalty, handyman, fun and good food abound 🙂
    What a lovely tribute Ann!

  10. How lucky you two are, Ann. This is your most beautiful post of 905.

    — Mark from Syracuse

  11. I love your lyrics and you have a lovely voice! Michael must be a very special man, and you two share something quite special. I’m sure he’ll adore your song.:)

  12. Love the lyrics, and that plate of food (Michael I presume), made me extremely envious.

    • Michael says, “I was a little worried about that dish, but it turned it out okay, I have to say.” I say, “Thanks for this lovely comment, Hilary!”

  13. Ann,
    Verry nice. Michael must be a special guy. Not many have a song written in their name.

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