Day 1910: What’s left unsaid?

Often, near the end of an important encounter (like a therapy group), I’ll ask people, “What’s left unsaid?”

Yesterday, near the end of a visit with a dear friend and fellow group therapist who has a terminal illness,  I asked, “What’s left unsaid?”  She and her husband said, “Well, you could come back, you know.”    I was so glad that was said that I immediately said, “When can I come back?”  and we scheduled another visit in April.

What’s left unsaid, for you, with other people?   I’ve said this before:  “Say what’s left unsaid, because you don’t know if you’ll get another chance to say it.”

Many things were said at the March for Our Lives yesterday that are no longer left unsaid.

Which of my photos are left unshared?





What’s left unsaid for you, here and now?

For me, what’s left unsaid is always this:  my thanks to all.


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22 thoughts on “Day 1910: What’s left unsaid?

  1. This post is valuable to me. (Don’t want to leave that unsaid). Thank you.

  2. i quoted this idea in a post once – that the most important things are uttered on the way out the door after a long discussion in a room

  3. Goes without saying, A LOT!

  4. Sometimes when Young Frankenstein is shown on TV Inga’s line “He would have an enormous schwanstucker!” is edited into gibberish which makes Dr. Frankenstein’s response, and Igor’s subsequent, “He’s gonna be very popular!” even funnier–the latter because it’s so weirdly incongruous. Something similar happens to Robin Hood: Men In Tights when Tracy Ullman explains that her family changed their name to Latrine. Some stations cut the explanation and jump right to Richard Lewis’s emphatic “It’s a good change!”, making the whole exchange even funnier.
    Is it sometimes better to leave some things unsaid?

  5. I try not to leave things unsaid and make sure all I love and care about know how I feel

  6. Such a moving post Ann. I love you. And I will be back 💕

  7. thank you for
    what’s not said,
    and the chocolate 🙂

  8. I leave too much unsaid. I must work on that.

  9. “Goodbye” to the dying has been one unsaid regret for me

  10. I gotta say what’s left unsaid, and that is that I love Harley.

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