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Day 1910: What’s left unsaid?

Often, near the end of an important encounter (like a therapy group), I’ll ask people, “What’s left unsaid?”

Yesterday, near the end of a visit with a dear friend and fellow group therapist who has a terminal illness,  I asked, “What’s left unsaid?”  She and her husband said, “Well, you could come back, you know.”    I was so glad that was said that I immediately said, “When can I come back?”  and we scheduled another visit in April.

What’s left unsaid, for you, with other people?   I’ve said this before:  “Say what’s left unsaid, because you don’t know if you’ll get another chance to say it.”

Many things were said at the March for Our Lives yesterday that are no longer left unsaid.

Which of my photos are left unshared?





What’s left unsaid for you, here and now?

For me, what’s left unsaid is always this:  my thanks to all.


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Day 1751: This is your life

This is my life.  Whenever I update my phone or my laptop, the “improvements” make it more difficult for me to blog.

This is my life. After updating my iPhone yesterday morning, I’m having trouble taking and loading new photos.

This is my life. I’m going to deal with this problem by repeating a picture  from yesterday’s post:


This is your life.  What stands out for you in that “This is Your Life”  poster?

This is my life, so here’s how I answer my own question:

All emotions are beautiful.

Life is short.

If you don’t like something, change it.

I don’t like something. The camera app I’ve been using for years no longer works with the latest iPhone update, so I’ll change it. My emotions about this include frustration and disappointment, but those are as beautiful as the hope I feel about the future. Life is short, so let’s move on to  music

… and my gratitude for everything’s that’s in my life, including YOU.








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Day 1561: Everyday pick-me-ups

Every day, I look for pick-me-ups that I can pick up and share in this blog. Here’s one I picked up yesterday:


I’ve picked up from picky people that everyday pick-me-ups are particularly helpful on Mondays. Therefore, I’m picking these pick-me-ups for you, today.













When you become part of the universe and the universe becomes part of you, is that a pick-me-up? If not, what are your everyday pick-me-ups?

My sister, who is always one of my pick-me-ups, offered to pick me up later today and drive me and Michael to a Passover Seder at my cousin Lani’s house.

I wonder what pick-me-ups I’ll have to share with you tomorrow.

For now, I need to pick me up from this blogging chair and go to the Honda Dealership to see if I can pick me up a new tire. Then, I hope to pick the right things to say to provide pick-me-ups for people at work.

Here‘s a pick-me-up song I found on YouTube:

I forgot to pick up a picture of gratitude yesterday, so here are some grateful pick-me-ups from previous posts:

Thanks to all who helped me create this pick-me-up post and to you — of course! — for picking me up with your visit to this everyday blog.

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Day 72: Short on words, long on gratitude

Hi, everybody.

I am feeling a lot of gratitude as I’m writing this post.

I’m grateful for my health.

I’m grateful for my family.

I’m grateful for my friends.

I’m grateful that I get to do work that I love and value.

I’m grateful that when I am kind to people, most people are kind back to me.

I’m grateful that there is something to learn no matter what the circumstances, even when the circumstances are painful (and I feel incapable of learning in the moment).

I am grateful for the privileges given to me by the accidents of where I was born and who I am.

I am grateful for all the different parts of my past, because they have contributed to who I am today.

I am grateful that I live in a time where I can connect with people in so many different ways.

I am grateful for you, dear reader.


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