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Day 1910: What’s left unsaid?

Often, near the end of an important encounter (like a therapy group), I’ll ask people, “What’s left unsaid?”

Yesterday, near the end of a visit with a dear friend and fellow group therapist who has a terminal illness,  I asked, “What’s left unsaid?”  She and her husband said, “Well, you could come back, you know.”    I was so glad that was said that I immediately said, “When can I come back?”  and we scheduled another visit in April.

What’s left unsaid, for you, with other people?   I’ve said this before:  “Say what’s left unsaid, because you don’t know if you’ll get another chance to say it.”

Many things were said at the March for Our Lives yesterday that are no longer left unsaid.

Which of my photos are left unshared?





What’s left unsaid for you, here and now?

For me, what’s left unsaid is always this:  my thanks to all.


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Day 1171: Finally

Firstly, I’m calling this post “Finally” because of two photos I’m finally sharing now:



Secondly, I wrote “THIS IS GOING TO BE OVER IN HALF AN HOUR” on my office whiteboard to help somebody who has panic attacks rarely lasting  longer than 30 minutes. I hope remembering that finally helps that person have fewer and shorter bouts of panic.

Finally, here are all the other photos I took yesterday:










Personally, when I say or write “Finally,” I often discover I have more I want to express. In therapy, we call that the “doorknob statement” —  an often important statement somebody shares when finally leaving the office, holding the doorknob on the way out.

Finally, here’s my doorknob statement for today:

Finally, I’m letting go of old fears about my health, about performing in front of others, and about taking up space.

Finally, I’m ready to thank all those who helped me create today’s “Finally” post and you — of course! — for reading it, finally.


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