Day 1911: Strong words

Whenever I use the word “hate,” my boyfriend, Michael (whom I do not hate) says, “Hate’s a strong word, Ann.”

Hate showed up in a basket of “group therapy eggs” at a psychodrama demonstration event yesterday, but so did other strong words.






Which do you think are the strongest words there?

Are there any strong words in or for my other photos from yesterday?










Time flies when I’m blogging so I better wrap up this Strong Words post and go into work (where I’m sure to hear and use some strong words).

Here‘s what comes up on YouTube when I search for “strong words song.”

As always, I end  every post with strong words of gratitude.



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25 thoughts on “Day 1911: Strong words

  1. Well I was going to say ice cream was a pretty strong word but then I saw the strong high school women and they are certainly the strongest thing going.

  2. I like the look of the strong waters with a view…

  3. Some times call for strong words, Ann. You are there for these times.

  4. Interesting eggs! Do people eat them? Eat their hate? Eat their fear? Do they throw them?

    Ice cream is a good dessert to the emotional eggs.

    • They were hard-boiled eggs and people cracked and ate them. I’m not sure if hate got eaten. I ate vegetables and a donut instead.

  5. We had an old saying, “he’s as strong as an ox”

  6. Don’t you hate it when he says that??? ;o)

  7. Hate is a strong word but, as one of your pictures shows, under pressure can crack like an egg. I often find that cracking through hate can be very fulfilling.

  8. Like that Tempus Fugit clock! Nice therapy eggs, too. 🐇🐇🥚🥚💐

  9. Yes hate is a strong word as are other words, I try not to use such strong words myself

  10. I’ve always preferred the honesty of strong words compared to hiding behind the bland and pleasant. That’s why I appreciate your blog Ann.

  11. Hate is the strongest word on the eggs – but is misused as often as love.

  12. Grumpy’s such a strong word but I don’t like reminding anyone.

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