Day 1860: Love Never Dies

“Love Never Dies” is

  • the title of today’s blog post,
  • the name of the musical I’m seeing today with my ex-sister-in-law, Deborah (whom I love), and
  • true, because even when we die, love lives on.

I have undying love for the people who made my 65th birthday so wonderful, including


Megan.  I love Megan. Yesterday, Megan and I expressed an undying wish that, before we die, we let go of worry, anxiety, overthinking, harsh self-judgments, and fears about the future. I know that love never dies, but I hope that painful and unhelpful thoughts will die (or at least become less strong).

Photos on the internet never die, so here are more photos from yesterday:













My love never dies for chocolate, my boyfriend Michael (who bought me that yummy dessert), my son Aaron, my family, my friends, my work, and my blogging community.

Here’s “Love Never Dies” from Love Never Dies:

If you make a comment on the internet, it never dies.

My gratitude never dies for all who help me create these posts and — of course! — for YOU.



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39 thoughts on “Day 1860: Love Never Dies

  1. May your milestone birthday mark the start of a very happy year, Ann.

  2. What a beautiful day you had, Ann!

  3. I live easily knowing love never dies.

  4. All so cute. what a wonderful looking day

  5. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s talent never dies. Is that from the Phantom sequel? I haven’t seen that, but would love to.

  6. Happy birthday and wonderful day to you!

  7. Happy Birthday Dear

  8. thegoodlifechronicles

    Happy birthday 💕

  9. Toll Beitrag und alles erdenklich gut zum Geburtstag!

  10. Forever and ever 💕💕

  11. Love never dies but also great is that coffee shares its strength.

  12. Yeah love never dies and you don’t stop loving someone just because they die, birthday wishes from me as well

  13. Happy Birthday ! What a beautiful dessert!

  14. Looks like it was a happy birthday. I send wishes for a good year! And that dessert looked pretty darn nice.

  15. I wish you many more Happy Birthdays – there: an immortal comment

  16. Happy birthday!

  17. Night houѕehold devotions have been one of thе vital necessary components of ᒪee aand
    Larry?s day. Dadrdy read part օf the storү of Jesus coiming at Christmas whіch is the place he rrad yearly throughout December so they migbt kknow thee actual purpose for Christmas, to hafe fun the beginning of Jеsus.
    On tthe end of it, Lee asкed, ?Daddy, did Ꭻesus
    get a birthday celebration yearly with presentѕ and a clown too?

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