Day 1861: Super

Because today is Super Bowl Sunday in the Super United States, let’s Super celebrate by appreciating what’s Super in our lives.

Is that a Super idea, Super readers?

Super me  had a Super birthday on Super Groundhog Day.  I’m having a Super weekend spending Super time with Super people.  Because I’m a musical theater Super-fan, seeing two musicals in two days  — Road Show by Stephen Sondheim and Love Never Dies by Andrew Lloyd Weber —   was Super, although I’ve seen far Super-ior work from both of those Musical Supermen.

Here are some Super Suppers by Michael, Super Cook.

I wonder what Super Supper Bowl Michael will make tonight. Stay tuned tomorrow for a Super update.

On Super Saturday, I received this Super birthday card from my Super friend, Janet.


That cat looks Super psyched.

Because I love Super Moons, here‘s a Super video:


It would be Super if you left a comment, but I’m Super thankful for you,  even if you don’t!




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28 thoughts on “Day 1861: Super

  1. Those are some super musicals and some super suppers, and as a super chef I’m sure Michael knows that a dessert has twice the sugar of a desert.

  2. Have a super day Ann. Snowing like crazy here so I will have a super day reading.

  3. Snowing like crazy here today, too, perfect weather not to go outside. Of course, as long as one is inside, there needs to be something to do. Hmm. What to do?! What to do?! Patriots? Someone say something about nasty weather and snow and Minnesota?

  4. Well, we have super snow here, and I’m having a super good time catching up on some blogs after a super busy week at work!

  5. The Bad Cat and I are super glad you had such a super birthday! 2 musicals in one day? Super! I remember seeing 2 movies with you in one day, a super long time ago. One of them was the super film, Ferris Bueller, but I can’t for the life of me remember what the other one was (which makes me think it was less than super)!

    • I wrote that I saw two musicals in two days, but actually it was two musicals in one 24-hour period, so, as usual, you are Super correct in another Super comment, my Super friend!

  6. Happy Super Everything, Ann! I’m debating a trip to the gym before going to the party our friends are giving. That would be super, but I might not make it. I went yesterday! Have a Super Day!

  7. Those are some super suppers Ann!

  8. Thanks for sharing your super ideas and photos on Super Sunday, Ann.

  9. Michael’s suppers are always super

  10. This post had nothing to do with retirement and super, not that I will ever retire or that I have super because I don’t and mothers and nannas do not retire we just keep on keeping on

  11. My parents were married on Ground Hog’s Day and my mom tells the story of how she didn’t learn of that until they’d been married a couple of years. We certainly never forgot their anniversary! Happy Birthday, Ann. And I share a super-love of musical theater and think it’s very exciting to have seen two in such a short period of time. Terrific. Those are truly super meals! I agree!

  12. Yeah, The Philadelphia Eagles won, all my Philly relatives will be so pleased, and that’s “super”.

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  14. This is my first visit to your super blog! Where did you see Road Show? I am a long time Sondheim fan…

    • Welcome, fellow Sondheim fan! My first visit to Road Show was on my birthday, last Friday, at the Lyric Stage in Boston.

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