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Day 3628: Overreacting

I notice that I’m overreacting these days about

  • filling out forms (like renewing my passport),
  • mistakes,
  • aches and pains,
  • ongoing decisions I need to make about our shower remodel,
  • money issues,
  • all the things that could possibly go wrong everywhere,
  • imagined criticisms and slights,
  • my weight,
  • TV shows,
  • people who don’t vote the way I would,
  • the news cycle, and
  • the weather.

Do you see overreacting in my images for today?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “overreacting.”

If you are overreacting, you’re not alone.

Gratitude modulates my overreacting, so thanks to all who follow my daily reactions in this blog, including YOU.

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Day 3551: Ruminating

Here and now, I’m ruminating about

  • my health, after I had a TIA last week on vacation,
  • my anticoagulant medication,
  • travel insurance,
  • my dental appointment today,
  • those aspects of my job I really dislike doing,
  • our upstairs bathroom, which has been out of commission for over a year because of water damage,
  • the change of seasons from warmer to colder,
  • the USA midterm November elections,
  • the death of Queen Elizabeth,
  • pain and suffering in the world, and
  • things I cannot control.

I guess it makes sense that I’m ruminating over things I can’t control, because otherwise I could friggin’ do something about them!

When I am ruminating, it helps to identify a simple next step I can take (including sharing my thoughts so I’m not alone with them).

Do you see ruminating in my images for today?

I was also ruminating about getting good tickets on National New York day for a new NYC production of the Sondheim musical Merrily We Roll Along, but tickets actually don’t go on sale until October.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “ruminating.”

I also find this

… and this:

I look forward to ruminating on your comments about this Ruminating post.

Thanks to all who know something about ruminating, including YOU!

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Day 3377: Heaven

Heaven, for me, would include

  • people I love,
  • animals I love,
  • music,
  • beautiful scenery,
  • peace,
  • no pain,
  • no injustice,
  • unlimited pasta, and
  • no waiting.

I’m including “no waiting” on that list because I’m currently waiting for four important people to get back to me. In the meantime, I’m trying to create my own heaven on earth by letting go of any anxiety about outcomes as I wait.

Do you see heaven in my images for today?

I assume that somebody’s idea of heaven includes clams on the half shell and/or taters.

Here’s a song about heaven from John Prine.

I have to finish this blog post now because I have an 8 AM appointment with my dentist. Heaven, for me, would include no dental work but lots of people like Dr. Del Castillo.

Thanks to all who help make this place a heaven on earth for me, including YOU.

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Day 3371: Stop thinking altogether

Thinking hasn’t really been helping me lately, so I’m identifying with today’s Daily Bitch Calendar.

I’m going to stop thinking altogether that

  • my worst fears are going to come true,
  • my fondest wishes are going to come true,
  • I have any way of accurately predicting the future,
  • I have any way of accurately knowing what anyone else is thinking, and
  • thinking will bring me peace.

I’ve stopped thinking altogether anxiously about the future by filling in the blanks of this:

Don’t go to _____ until you’re going to _____.

Examples: “Don’t go to work until you’re going to work.” “Don’t go to the vet until you’re going to the vet.” “Don’t go to the open mic until you’re going to the open mic.”

This altogether stops me from thinking about possible outcomes, which never match what actually happens.

Stop thinking altogether as you enjoy my images for today.

I’ve stopped thinking altogether about Lobster Newburg by remembering this song I wrote a few years ago — “What Are Other People Thinking About You?”

If you’re thinking I need to get my act all together and create better recordings of my songs, my son Aaron (who is now my manager) altogether agrees.

I’m stopping this post by expressing my gratitude to all who have stopped by my blog today, including YOU.

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Day 3106: Hugs

Hugs to all my readers!

It’s so wonderful to be experiencing in-person hugs with friends after all those months of virtual hugs (which have also been life-sustaining).

Are you getting enough hugs these days? Let’s see if there are any hugs in my images for today.


When I was a kid, every time Norma Tanega’s “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog” came on the radio, it felt like a virtual hug to me.

Now I’m giving a virtual hug to the late Norma Tanega for all the joy she gave me and others.

Who would you like to hug, here and now?

Hugs and thanks to all who help me experience virtual hugs through this blog every day, including YOU!

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Day 2860: Achieve a calm state

How to achieve a calm state four days before the most important Election Day in my long lifetime ?

  • Breathe.
  • Get some nutritious sleep.
  • Eat some nutritious food.
  • Listen to people you love.
  • Restrict your “doomscrolling” through the latest news.
  • Laugh.
  • Express yourself.
  • Get some exercise.
  • Play music.
  • Play.
  • Keep your blood pressure low.
  • Be safe.
  • Share your views, including fun fotos.

Also, realize that it’s hard for the current administration to make a comeback.

Let’s achieve a calm state together as we watch “Porch restaurant caters to chipmunk.”

Achieve a calm state as you take in my gratitude to all who helped me create this achieve-a-calm-state post, including my wonderful, dog-loving Primary Care doctor Laura Kate Snydman at Tufts Medical Center, Georgia food writer Angela Hansberger, Thelonius Munk, the Daily Bitch Calendar, and YOU.

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Day 2750: Staycation favorites

I’m on a staycation this week, which is one of my favorite kinds of vacations.

My staycation favorites include

  • spending time with those I love,
  • looking at beautiful scenery,
  • watching movie musicals,
  • reading,
  • writing,
  • yummy food,
  • self care,
  • letting go of worry and anxiety about the future,
  • being in the moment,
  • staying safe, and
  • taking photos of whatever catches my fancy.









It looks like Oscar is going to be staying for my staycation.

The musical number Oscar and I were watching yesterday …


… is “Heavenly Music” from the 1950 musical Summer Stock, starring Gene Kelly, Phil Silvers, other humans, and animals.

Despite all those dogs barking, Oscar was his usual chill self as he stayed on my lap.

One of my staycation favorites is watching Gene Kelly dance, like in this solo from Summer Stock, which shows a favorite use of a newspaper:

What are your staycation favorites?

No matter where I’m staying, I’m staying with gratitude as my favorite way to end a blog post.


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Day 2204: What you’re not good at

Even good people seem to focus on what they’re not good at. I’m not sure if that’s good or not.

I’m not good at

  • getting enough sleep,
  • asking for help,
  • saying “no,”
  • remembering details,
  • making a fuss,
  • taking up space,
  • goodbyes, and
  • keeping to myself what I’m not good at.

Do you have a list of what you’re not good at?  If you do, does that do you any good?

If you make lists of what you’re not good at, try to get that list out of your head and down on paper (or a screen) so you can consider challenging the items on the list. For example, when I made that list above, I thought better of adding “planning parties,” even though

  • I’m anxious about planning a party right now,
  • it’s that anxiety which is inspiring this post, and
  • I often say, “I’m not good at planning parties.”

The reason I didn’t add “planning parties” to the list was that when I thought it through, I realized that I don’t have a lot of practice planning parties and also every party I’ve ever planned has turned out fine.   Therefore, it doesn’t belong on the list of “What I’m Not Good At.”  It does belong on the list of “What Makes Me Anxious.”

Also, it’s good to balance out any list of what you’re not good at with a list of what you ARE good at.

I’m good at taking photos to distract myself during stressful times,  like traveling and goodbyes.














I’m not good at dealing with the cold, and I took that last shot as I was waiting, alone, for my luggage back in Boston. After I had said “Goodbye” (which I’m not good at)  to my ex-in-laws and my son (who remained in Orlando for a little more warmth), I texted them “I miss everyone already!” and my good ex-sister-in-law Deborah sent me this:


It’ll be good to see my son Aaron again when he returns home from University of Edinburgh in May.

I’m not good at keeping things to myself, so here‘s Disney World’s “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” (which I saw yesterday).  If you’re not good at tolerating bugs, people screaming, or 3-D without glasses, you may not want to watch it.

Let’s assume that you’re good at making comments and that I’m good at responding back to them.

I’m also good at expressing thanks at the end of each blog post to all who help me create them and — of course! — to YOU.


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Day 2170: How to get back to sleep in the middle of the night

If, like me, you often wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble getting back to sleep, try this before you go to bed:

  1. Identify what might preoccupy your mind if you did wake up in the middle of the night (like challenging relationships, unfinished business, politics, heath issues, the holidays, ghosts of the past, the news, an upcoming event, money, food,  your inadequacies, ugliness, global warming, animals, conspiracy theories, etc.).
  2. Write down one achievable action for each one.
  3. If you can’t identify an achievable action, acknowledge that the situation is beyond your control.
  4. Go to sleep.
  5. When you wake up, remember that you’ve got plans that won’t work in the middle of the night, so there’s no need for your brain to engage.
  6. If your awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night brain comes up another issue you didn’t anticipate, put it on the list of “Things to Do Tomorrow.”
  7. Go back to sleep.

I hope none of my recent photos keep you up at night.










Here‘s something else you can try if you can’t get back to sleep at night:


You could also focus on gratitude. Sincerely, gratitude always helps.





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Day 2107: Insanely calm

In the midst of insanely upsetting local and global news, it might seem insane to be calm.

Nevertheless, that is my goal: to remain insanely calm.

Taking photos helps me stay insanely calm.


I wonder what the best solution for Person Anxiety is. In other words,  what helps you be insanely calm?

Here are the rest of my insanely calm photos for today:


Tea helps me be insanely calm and so do sayings like “Experience will give you the power and confidence to be you” even when my photos are insanely unfocused.

I was drinking delicious and calming Yogi tea last night while Michael and I watched The Phantom Thread, which — now that I calmly think about it — featured people being insanely calm.

Here is some insanely calm music from The Phantom Thread, by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead:

I look forward to insanely calm comments from my insanely loyal readers.

Finally, some insanely calm gratitude for all who helped me create this insanely calm post and — OF COURSE — for you.


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