Day 2016: How to be more awesome

Yesterday, as I was on my way to pick up my new and more awesome laptop, I saw this:


How can we be more awesome, besides by buying new things?  There are two sides to my awesome suggestion:

  1. Realize you are awesome to begin with.
  2. Treat everyone you meet as if they were awesome too.

There are probably more ways to be more awesome, but I need to share my latest awesome photos so I can get to my awesome job in awesome time.
















Those awesome people are Mark (the genius at the Apple Store who made my new laptop be more awesome with a total data transfer two days ahead of schedule), Megan, Corinne, and our late friend Michelle — whose awesome birthday is today and who helped everybody she met be more awesome.  At the awesome memorial/celebration party for Michelle yesterday,  we heard the song she thought was more awesome than any other song:

Being alive is more awesome with all the awesome people in the world.

More awesome thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to awesome YOU.


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31 thoughts on “Day 2016: How to be more awesome

  1. Ann you are an awesome person, who wrote an awesome post, with awesome photos. Hope you have an awesome day!!

  2. Awesome sauce, Ann!

  3. Here’s to awesomeness all around us, Ann!

  4. How To Write An Awesome Comment In Ten Easy Steps
    1. Find an awesome blog. These come in a wide variety of subjects, colors, textures, flavors, and personalities.
    2. Absorb the blog’s content, by osmosis if possible. If not consider printing the blog and eating it.
    3. Put your comment in quotes and attribute it to an awesome person. These include, but are not limited to, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, Maya Angelou, Dr. Schweitzer, Dr. Spock, Mr. Spock, Emily Dickinson, Dorothy Parker, Dorothy Gale, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Bishop, Frida Kahlo, George Bernard Shaw, Georgia O’Keefe, Yogi Berra, Yogi Bear, an anonymous yogi, Rumi, Marilyn Monroe, James Monroe, James Madison, Octavia Butler, Steven Wright, and Daniel Handler.
    4. Mix two parts witty, one part wise, and dissolve in fantastic. Add a touch of brilliant. Note: Do not look directly at the brilliant.
    5. If you’re making a list include something completely irrelevant to pad it out. Don’t worry; no one will notice.
    6. Don’t use large or obscure words.
    7. Eschew discoursing polysyllabically and exegetically.
    8. Read your comment out loud. Ask people around you if it sounds all right. This is best used with people who don’t read the same blog or who don’t speak the same language as you. This lowers the risk that they’ll steal your awesome ideas.
    9. Save your best ideas for the end for an awesome conclusion.
    10. Use the internet.

  5. Is that your new computer that Oscar is looking at? How awesome that you were able to bring it home sooner than you expected.

  6. We could be more Ann-like to be more awesome.

  7. Awesome is not a word to describe me, I am many things but I am not awesome

  8. Awesome…..but I could be a monster.

  9. Your blog is awesome and makes me feel awesome.

  10. An awesome compilation of people in your post! From a young person who helps you get your new computer and then by remembering your friend, you reminded me that every day is an awesome gift! You are indeed awesome, Ann. Hope you got to work on time and had an awesome day!

  11. Ann…you couldn’t be more awesome! 💖

  12. Glad you have a Mac that works now

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  14. Sometimes when I go back to read the reply that you left me, all the photos on a post look completely different, as if I have never seen them before!

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