Day 3061: Moving

My very good friend Megan, who has appeared in several moving blog posts (including here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here) is moving to Connecticut with her beautiful family. Yesterday, I got moving in my little yellow car to say goodbye to Megan in person.

Megan and I hugged each other twice yesterday, which was very moving after all these months of moving through this hugless and otherwise horrifying pandemic.

Megan and I are telling each other that her moving away doesn’t matter. We will stay friends no matter how life is moving us. We will be moving to other kinds of communication, including regular zooming.

I know that Megan and her family are moving on to better opportunities and I am truly happy for her. And yet, I had trouble moving through a sense of loss yesterday, knowing that Megan would be moving further away. As I said to her yesterday “It has helped so much knowing you’re nearby” and what’s always so moving to me is that Megan ALWAYS gets me. We both spoke about moving through and accepting all of our feelings about her moving. We said we were “happy sad” while moving through her neighborhood on a walk.

Now it’s time for me to be moving on to the other photos I took while I was moving through yesterday:

The Daily Bitch helps me as I’m moving through these moving days, especially when I’m feeling bitchy.

I didn’t snap a photo of Megan yesterday as we were moving through our feelings and her neighborhood, but I’m sure if I spend a little time moving through the almost 41,000 photos I have on my phone that I’ll find one to share with you now.

Megan told me yesterday that she and her family are moving next month to a new home within walking distance of a beach. After staying there for a year, they might be moving to another new home on the campus of the school where her husband Paul will be working. If they will be moving to that new home, they will need to host some parties for people during the year and also maintain that house’s skating pond, which means that I might be getting moving pictures in the future of Paul, Megan, and their two children moving around on a Zamboni.

If you don’t know what a Zamboni is, let me see if I can find one moving around on the internet.

Here‘s a moving rendition of “I Want to Drive the Zamboni” by Gear Daddies.

If you want to leave a comment on this “Moving” post, please be moving to the comments section below.

No matter where I and others are moving, I’m always expressing gratitude to those who are moving with me here, including YOU.

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21 thoughts on “Day 3061: Moving

  1. Aw… Transitions are tough in life, especially when they involve friends physically moving away. One hopes – for you and Megan – the ties continue, that separation doesn’t begun isolation and the unexpected end.

    I think about all the “good friends” I thought I had in life, those people I could let myself relax around and laugh with, be a slob if I wished, or the sophisticate (though we both knew better and considered the play the game…). No secrets between us, and a few adventures that began with “Are you up?!”

    No one I met at university is in my circle still, yet the later-made friends in the US Army mostly are. What does that tell about the democratization of relationships in team-oriented military organizations versus the self-centered-what-can-I-gain-from-this-tie of university relationships? To me, too much.

    I have a few work friends still, though I retired in 2009. Some have passed, a sorry state considering we began out jobs so callow and full of ourselves, but turned into professionals in ways we never expected, friends in collaborations that helped build out pride in our work and put money in someone’s pocket, if not ours.

    Then there are those made as a child. I have several friends I met in nursery at church or as toddlers in a new neighborhood. Some have passed – good grief! – we somehow are in our seventies and still friends among those still above ground. It would seem the best friends are those who “knew us when” or who once depended on working together with us in trying situations or regimented ones, at least.

    RIP Hal, Patricia, Elizabeth, Craig, Ralph. You added so much to my life and you are missed.

    ‘[Gad! You turned on something in me. I am pleased to learn about Megan and her place in her life. Best wishes for your continued friendship. She clearly is important in your life, and you both are fortunate to have this relationship since more people come, then leave us in life than come and stick around in one away or another.]

  2. puella33

    Imagine it this transition took place years ago- neither one of you would have zoom and other means of social media to communicate.
    Life can be ironic at times.. I guess we have to look at it with a twist of humor..

  3. I was moved to discover what a Zamboni is and how it works!

  4. How exciting for your friend to move onto a new adventure in a new place!
    Lovely photos
    The food looks great
    and I’ve been wanting to read that I am Jazz book forever. I used to watch the show I am Jazz 🙂

  5. growing up in detroit, i’m very moved by that picture of the zamboni, and i’m fan of ice hockey. moving is hard and very moving for all who are connected.

  6. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that long distance friendships can work, and I know you and Megan will find times and opportunities to see each other again because, as I’ve also learned, challenges can be overcome.

  7. It’s probably best to see life as it is and not get attached, although homo sapiens realize their egos are nestled in memories that have continuous reruns. Have you heard the phrase “I have to give this ‘closure’”? Moving has to do with memories that will soon begin to have reruns in the mind, and pleasant ones do enjoy playing themselves until we die.

  8. The nearer I get to 40,000 photos in my iMac, the more I try to set about removing some of them

  9. You are a good friend to say so long in person, Ann.

  10. I feel the pangs of loss with you, dear Ann. My wonderful friend moved a couple of years from “here” all the way across the country to Virginia. It was a long time before I felt like I adjusted to that loss. We’ve remained very close, and we, too, Zoom and all that good stuff. I’m so grateful for the technology. But what I wouldn’t do for a hug! Blessings to Megan and her family…and you, too!!

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