Day 1489: When we wake up in the middle of the night

When you wake up in the middle of the night, what do you do?

When I wake up in the middle of the night, I

  • think about the past,
  • worry about the future,
  • go to the bathroom,
  • try to get back to sleep,
  • listen to the sound of my new mechanical heart valve,
  • tell myself that I am safe enough in the moment,
  • answer outstanding comments on my blog,
  • compose a new blog post,
  • try to compose myself,
  • look at my latest photos:






















  • remember things I forgot to do (like put a worry doll under my pillow),
  • listen to music,

  • and feel gratitude for all that I have, including my amazing readers!


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43 thoughts on “Day 1489: When we wake up in the middle of the night

  1. Until we come up with better words than Thank You, I hope that it’s enough. Love this post.

  2. The S & G video…goosebumps, always ! Thanks for that. ❤️ I relate to that song in such a personal way, I used it in my “About” page. Sleepless nights…they happen.

  3. Its a nightly routine for me Ann. I get up and go. Then come back to bed and do 4.7.8. letting go breath. Works every time to quieten the mind and relax.
    Here’s the link

  4. Your insomnia is our gain! Greats photos and timeless music. Love those penguin (?) cupcakes!

  5. May you find your balm and your peace Ann.

  6. Do you ever think of those cats and guinea pigs at the rescue centre in the middle of the ight? I think of Oscar sometimes

  7. a little verse:
    “waking up (this morning)
    i smile.
    24 brand new hours (they’re a gift)
    may i live in mindfulness
    and look upon all
    beings with the eyes of compassion 🙂

  8. I worry about money and think of totally unsuitable careers.

  9. I wake up to worry. But try my best to self talk myself away from worry. To the point I even self talk to myself in my dreams. 🙂

  10. I’m glad all the cats found homes. One less thing to worry about when you wake up at night.

  11. I sure think of Harley, in the middle of the night.

  12. I’m with you–if I can’t sleep, I think about writing. Then I have to write it down, which makes it even harder to sleep, but worth it in the long run!

  13. So often when I wake up in what I think is the middle of the night it’s really very early morning; the new day has started but it’s too soon to get up.
    The world seems so different which makes me now think of Philip Larkin’s poem “Sad Steps”.

    Groping back to bed after a piss
    I part thick curtains, and am startled by
    The rapid clouds, the moon’s cleanliness.

    Four o’clock: wedge-shadowed gardens lie
    Under a cavernous, a wind-picked sky.
    There’s something laughable about this,

    The way the moon dashes through clouds that blow
    Loosely as cannon-smoke to stand apart
    (Stone-coloured light sharpening the roofs below)

    High and preposterous and separate—
    Lozenge of love! Medallion of art!
    O wolves of memory! Immensements! No,

    One shivers slightly, looking up there.
    The hardness and the brightness and the plain
    Far-reaching singleness of that wide stare

    Is a reminder of the strength and pain
    Of being young; that it can’t come again,
    But is for others undiminished somewhere.

  14. Like Christopher, I rarely wake up in the night, but about an hour and a half before I need to get up. I rarely worry; just roll over, check the clock, and snuggle back in for a bit more snoozing. But I have to say, after the horror show of the week, I was really glad for your choice of music!

  15. On the rare occasion I wake during the night I go to the toilet and go back to bed and don’t think about anything as I am more asleep than awake

  16. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay wen i wayk up at nite i wine and grumbel and then wen mama or dada gits up to let me go owtside i jump on the bed and steel the spot wot they warmd up for me!!! its my sistem and it wurks wel!!! ha ha ok bye

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  18. I love the photos! The “extreme habitat” made me chuckle. I seem to collect a variety of podcasts I really do enjoy, but rarely have time to listen to. I listen to them when I’m awake in the middle of the night. Then I seem to fall asleep while listening, often when I’m really enjoying the topic. 🙂

  19. If I get up in the middle of the night it’s because I drank too much water before going to bed or the dog drank too much. The latter is worse because I have to get dressed to take her outside.

  20. Bridge Over Troubled Water. I was 13 lying in the dark on my aunt’s couch, just having moved with my family from a post in Germany. I do all the things you do except I listen to the blood thrums in my ears. Mechanical thrumming is not the same, but it’s time to make lemonade. I hope you get enough rest and trust the future will be magnificant!

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