Day 1488: Showing Up

Lately, a lot of people have been showing up for my therapy groups.  Last night, “Showing Up” showed up as a topic.



Some people showing up last night thought that “Life is just showing up” was a variant of a quote by Woody Allen. Here’s how that quote is showing up in my Google search:

“Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” — Woody Allen

“Eighty percent of life is showing up.” — Woody Allen

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  — Woody Allen

As usual, different versions of the truth are showing up.

I’ve been showing up more frequently on Twitter:

“Get over it” has never helped anyone get over anything.

There needs to be a new diagnostic code for Trump-related anxiety.

That last tweet showed up because so many people are showing up in my office with Trump-related anxiety.

New photos have been showing up on my iPhone, which means they’ll be showing up in this blog post.








That’s Harley, showing up in the kitchen on some of my clothes. Harley’s fear of the camera is showing up less these days.

A song called “Showing Up” is showing up on YouTube:

Alex G is showing up near the ocean in that video. I wonder if I’ll be showing up near the ocean any time soon?

While I’m not sure exactly how, when, or where I’ll be showing up today, I do know I’ll be showing up at cardiac rehab at 9 AM.

What’s been showing up for you?  How have you been showing up?

I wonder if asking those questions will result in comments showing up, below.

Thanks to all who helped me create this “Showing Up” post and to you — of course! — for showing up, here and now.

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38 thoughts on “Day 1488: Showing Up

  1. Have you read ‘The Gentle Art …’ yet? A friend of mine loved it. i don’t think it has shown up in my tiny town’s library yet.

    • I haven’t read it since it’s shown up in my mail, Emilie, but I plan to read it very soon. Thanks so much for showing up here.

  2. So glad we both showed up this morning Ann and took some time together on WP. 💛

  3. Show up, be present and get ‘er done.

  4. Another “show up” axiom I like is, “Suit up and show up.” One way I keep showing up is going to the gym 3 times a week, suiting up in the locker room, and doing 20-30 minutes of cardio and then making my way through a bunch of strength training machines. I don’t see visible proof of my efforts yet, but I remain grateful to myelf for showing up!

  5. That Trump-related anxiety has been showing up on many blogs. Not for me…I won’t give it that kind of importance. Thanks for showing up each day, Ann.

  6. I have NOT been showing up. I’ve given in to my need to hibernate. That is slowly easing though and I hope to show up again soon.

  7. Jay Pritchett in Modern Family says a lot of patenting is about showing up. Great post as always.

  8. Life keeps showing up for me! 🙂

    and wonderful people like you!

    The art of showing up is to turn the lights on inside! 🙂

  9. How is Harley? Is that a new bed? And, how is showing up for cardiac rehab working for you? I hope you are feeling stronger.

  10. Fear of farts?

    • Is that showing up?

      • You know what trump means in parts of England?

      • The verb “to trump” in British English means the same thing as in American English — either (1) to surpass or outdo someone or something, or (2) to play a trump card in a card game.

        The noun “trump” means the same too — most usually “trump card” to mean a decisive or advantageous move, resource, action, etc. There is an informal meaning of “trump” to mean a fine or reliable person.

        In British slang, however, “to trump” (intransitive verb) also means to expel gas through the anus — e.g. Trumped from eating too much baked beans — often in a highly audible way (as in with trailing sound).

      • 🙂 When we moved to the Midlands, Sam and Louisa were told off at school for using the word fart and instructed to use trump instead

      • That definition showed up in my browser, Derrick. Thanks.

  11. One of my favorite radio shows, “Says You!”, originated in Boston, and its original host, Richard Sher, would sometimes end by saying the show “is best when we get your your comments, when we get your suggestions, but most of all when you show up.”
    For there to be great performances there have to be great audiences.
    I’m so glad to be part of your great audience.

  12. Harley looks like my kitty! Sometimes I show up and sometimes I float, to be honest.

  13. I’m also glad to show up here Ann. I rarely visit many blogs anymore.

    Woody Allen could be right, maybe the “not showing up” is the missing of many an opportunity in life.

  14. I’m glad I showed up today to see that Harley is showing up and found the perfect place to do it!

  15. I am showing up all over the place today, yesterday I turned up bugga all, I was too busy with other stuff or feeling too lazy

  16. I need to show up somewhere and get that book.

  17. i’m happy i can
    still show up
    and experience
    your healing wisdom, Ann 🙂

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