Day 1490: Dreams

Because dreams are so important to me, I’ve written several posts about dreams (including here, here, here, here, here, here,  and here) since I started dreaming this blog. When I look at those previous dreamy posts, I realize I wrote each one never dreaming we’d have the U.S. President we have today.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night from a very scary dream where morphing people and frightening creatures were staring me in the face and grasping me by the hand.  I immediately posted on Facebook:

I was having a bad dream and just woke up to another bad dream.

My friend Marc Zegans soon replied with this dream of a comment:

Here‘s something a little sweeter to dream by.

Before I had those dreams, I spent yesterday looking at a possible dream house for me and my dreamy boyfriend Michael with our dream of a real estate agent, Jane C. Hoffmann.



While I was taking photos of Jane, she was also taking photos of me and Michael (which was probably a nightmare for him, since he hates to have his picture taken).

Today, we might make an offer on a dreamy house by the sea in Quincy, Massachusetts. If we don’t end up in that dream house, we’ll end up in another one.

Quincy, by the way,  is called “The City of Presidents.”  I wonder if John Adams,  John Quincy Adams, or John Hancock — who were all born in Quincy —  ever dreamed we’d have the kind of U.S. President we have today.

In four days, I’ll be turning 64 years old, an age nobody ever dreamed I’d reach when I was born in 1953 with a very unusual heart.

I shall now look to all the other dreamy photos I took yesterday for ideas about how to live and dream in the future:



I trust you know I have the intelligence and integrity to express my thanks to all who helped me create this dream of a post and to you — of course! — for your dream of a visit, here and now.

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37 thoughts on “Day 1490: Dreams

  1. Good luck with your offer

  2. Oh I hope you get your dream house Ann and Michael! Oh and Happy Birthday Ann! I didn’t know we were both February babies!

  3. nothing like getting your dream house and making your dream come true!

  4. I share your dream of living by the ocean, Ann. Good luck.

  5. Yes, a collective nightmare! How exciting that you’re beginning to see waterfront houses you’d really like to live in!

  6. Looking forward to saying, “Beach party at Ann’s house!” Have you been to the Adams house(s) and his presidential library NPS sites in Quincy? So low key (and tiny). One of the houses (I think it’s where JA was born) is practically in a median, with traffic zipping by!

  7. I guess south shore won! Good luck with the offer! xo

  8. buffalotompeabody

    Wow!!! I love this post and I loved hearing the magnificent Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong (who, in my opinion, is the genius that originated everything we love about music!) Thanks, Ann!

  9. Good luck on the house–the neighbourhood looks very coastal!

  10. Hope you find and settle in at your dream home soon!

  11. Dreaming of you in your dream house by the sea. Sounds like a dream of a song.

  12. Its a dream of mine to live by the sea! So happy your dreams are coming true Ann 💛

  13. Isn’t it interesting that we often describe things we want as “dreams” when our dreams can so often turn into nightmares? Dreams can be beyond our control, which can remind us how things in our waking life can also be beyond our control.
    But they can also show us what matters most.

  14. Thankfully I don’t have many bad dreams, I used to have these terrible dreams in December about forgetting about Christmas and weird dreams about night time looking like day time when I looked out my window

  15. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”- William Shakespeare

  16. Yes, you are the master of your dreams. I hope your dream home is yours soon. Bad things do not make for good dreams, but they don’t deserve too much of our consideration. Things will settle down, I have confidence in the democratic process. No matter how lame it is at the moment.

  17. Good luck with the house.

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