Day 740: Links, Labels, and other L-words

Lengths of lovely, leisurely, AND laborious times have elapsed, loyal followers, since I’ve let loose a Letter Post into the blogosphere.  To illustrate Letter Posts, let’s link to examples.

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Day 380: S-words (Secundo)

Day 414: P-words

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Rules and Guidelines (link, please!) for letter posts*?

  1. Liberally use* letter all through* blog post.
  2. Do not permit this technique to interfere, too much, with communication and meaning.**

Let’s L, shall we?

Lively and lovable film-travel-and-lifestyle blogger Alex Raphael liked my latest post, as follows:

… you have such amazing links.

Lovely. Thanks,* Alex.

That latest post also included a link to labels about Aquarians like me (and labels for Leos, Libras, etc.*):

aloofness, selflessness, analytical, contrary, cranky, detached, distant, eccentric, fanatical, fearless, friendly, humanitarian, idealistic, independent, individualistic, intellectual, inventive, lofty, loyal, oblivious, odd, original, outrageous, progressive, quick, quirky, perverse, rebellious, sociable, stubborn, tactless, tireless, trustworthy, unconventional, unemotional, unpredictable and innovative.

Percentage of L-words there? Good luck!

Labels — like I endlessly like to recollect and recall —  may be a limiting liability (link, please!).  Labels can also be enjoyable, laughable, pleasant, convivial, and fun (link, please!).

Look at the clock!


Don’t like to be late for lovely, skilled locks-smith Mia (link, please)!

Lest I be late, let’s quickly look at latest photos* (chronologically):


Lovely Penny the Pen at cardiac rehabilitation, at a hospital.



Let’s dance!



Lovely Danise, looking melancholy.



Look! Penny’s fallen!



Danise: “Is she feeling blue?”



Let’s allow all feelings!



A helpful skill (link, please!)



Look at all these lovely things in my office!



Slinky, spiral, or coil (link, please!)


IMG_4500 IMG_4502

Lapcat and Laptop.

Finally, a link to something on YouTube by somebody I love:

Lots and lots of lovely gratitude to Alex, Mia, Danise, my son Aaron, and all who helped with — and are looking at — this post (including YOU*).

* There’s no L-word for this. Believe me, I looked.

** Utterly lacking in L-words, like it or not.

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45 thoughts on “Day 740: Links, Labels, and other L-words

  1. Luxuriate in your loquaciousness, lady ladler of lengthy litmus lists.

  2. This post was wildly fun! Oh wait…thays a “w” word! Do I need to wait for a “W” day to say that?

  3. I love the Carl Jung action figure. What types of actions does it perform? It reminds me of a cartoon I once saw. It had the famous psychologist sitting in a chair, notebook in hand, as a lady swung from the chandelier. It was labeled “Jung and the restless”… OK, I guess you had to be there.

  4. larry likes legumes 🙂

  5. I LOVE Aaron’s game! What a joyful bit of adventure. I plummeted off the cliff but ended up winning, anyway. Winning game me the chance to plummet off the cliff again. Great music, too. I feel totally refreshed and ready to take on the day.

  6. Penny the Pen is sure getting around: a Lively dance with Van Gogh (?), a Leap to the floor, a scary encounter with a Lurking cat. Oh, my. 😉

  7. I was tripping over my tongue reading those ‘L’ words all in a row haha! Have a LOVELY Saturday Ann!
    Diana xo

  8. Love seeing Penny dancing in France 🙂
    Listen to life. Love and live long 🙂
    x Lav

  9. yeoldefoole

    Ohhhhh, LADY! I LOVE your Carl Jung action figure!


  10. Carl Jung action figure??? Amazing@

  11. I came I read and I liked

  12. I love your post (coil) with the first illustration – and now they come pouring out. It is amazing what we can get out heads round.

  13. I didn’t know you had “Letter Posts”!! The Carl Jung action is simply hilarious.
    Ok, here I go:

    “The Libra Lurking on the Ladybugs at the Lake, Lost her Lace in the Labyrinth full of Lilies, but Love Lured her in there, Laughing at Life and Leading the Laureates”.

  14. ‘L of a good post! 🙂

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  16. I am so honoured. There’s so much other cool stuff in your post, but I can’t get past the very wonderful mention. Your site is so frickin’ awesome 🙂

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