Day 627: Just Another Couple C words

Consecutive C word posts … in-coming!

C word #1: Cranky

I woke up cranky today. I cannot comprehend why, considering:

  1. my cardiologist confirmed, via email, encouraging cardiac conclusions, and
  2. complimentary C word comments yesterday included “clever,” “charming,” “comic,” “compelling,” “creative,” “captivating,” “courageous,” and “craic.”

My cat is chewing on me as I’m composing this, which could account for some crankiness, but not completely.

Conclusions:  Crankiness can come, confusingly, with no consideration for circumstances. Consider being cranky until you complete your crankiness cycle; then, crank up contentment (or whatever emotion comes next). Cranky-ness won’t kill you. Comprende?

C word #2: Computer

My computer conked out at work, yesterday.


Machines conking out can confuse and create considerable complications for me.

Conclusion: Computers and other common technological components can conk out. Most won’t kill you. If you are ever concerned about a cardiac pacemaker (or other truly critical components) conking out, consider this: clever cardiologists can creatively keep you keeping on.

K words are creeping into this composition, aren’t they?

Time to conclude today’s commentary, with “Just Another Couple Broken Hearts” by Was (Not Was) (with cool accompaniment)…

(only couple YouTube videos to choose from; I chose this) (AND here’s a link to “Just Another Couple Broken Hearts” unaccompanied)

… and a couple more C words:



(from my son’s Biology class).


Coming attractions: College Reunion this weekend!


Considerable thanks to complimentary commentators, computers, cardiologists, Was (Not Was), Morrisman Smith and other courageous accompanists, cats, course-work givers (teachers, that is), Arthur C. Clarke,  and to you — of course! — for coming by here, today.

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24 thoughts on “Day 627: Just Another Couple C words

  1. What is the prognosis?

    • Good question, Julie! My congenital cardiac condition is so rare, that prognoses are inconclusive. But, I’ve made it to 61 years, and my cardiologist tells me he expects to be celebrating my 70th birthday with me. Let’s hope he’s clever enough to make sure that comes true!

      Thank you for your kind concern.

  2. Compelling conclusions creep cautiously.
    C-words can’t crouch considerately ’cause
    they don’t care about the K’s or even the As to Zs

    c… I had to give up on c-words and k’s don’t leave enough creative space for uncommon letters!

    Cranky or not, your words light up my morning!


    And btw … this too shall pass. Now is not forever! 🙂

  3. findingmyinnercourage

    Thank you for sharing your prognosis! Makes me very happy!

  4. Ann, understanding only too well, I want to share with you something on how I look at this kind of thing. The doctor’s report is only a piece of paper made out of ink and paper. Or if it is on a computer, what is that? Symbols, letters, slashes, and what nots? This is not YOU. YOU are a beautiful, courageous, LOVING, caring, giving woman who has nothing to do with a piece of paper. If I had listened to my “piece of paper report” I would not be as strong and healthy as I am today. I came here directly to your blog to tell you this, first trying in my reader, which um crashed while I was writing to you. Just saying that, you know how important it is for me to say all this. YOU are not a report. YOU are ANN. Love and BIG (((HUGS))) Amy

  5. love this! and really enjoyed “Crankiness can come, confusingly, with no consideration for circumstances.”


  6. Sorry to hear you started out cranky, but we all have those days don’t we? You are still one of the most positive people I’ve read here on WordPress. I am conscious of, and celebrating with you, the wonderful news from your cardiologist! ❤
    Diana xo

    • Wow, Diana. For you — who I experience as so uplifting and positive — to give me these kinds of compliments…..any kind of lingering crankiness is completely gone!

  7. I just love the little note: I’ll be back with your hard drive. If you mis-read it by putting the emphasis on the wrong word or words, you get a ton of different meanings. I am also charmed by the idea that nowadays the internal workings of a machine are somehow parts of you. in the case of a computer that you use, this must be true. I remember feeling an uncomfortable reaction to one of my children taking over my computer on a visit. It was like someone rummaging in my handbag… just a little too personal for comfort.

  8. Complete contentment for college reunion weekend. I expect a consortium composed on college-ruled composition paper, and the consensus is, the core of your correlations ought not be complex. Cute or corny? Have fun, co-ed redux, Ann Koplow.

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  10. Mags's Corner

    Glad to hear about your good report from the cardiologist sweet Ann. Keep doing well! Love the picture of the cats, the one on the left sure looks a lot like my Snookums that I miss so much. As far as being cranky I think it is okay if we get cranky now and then. Sometimes I am cranky and have no idea why. Hope they have your computer fixed by now. Hugs

  11. I think that most of your C words are like mine, I wake up cranky and I have some coffee to ‘fix’ that for me. I am happy that you had some good news about your heart. I hope this lovely heart of yours, continues to beat for a long time, Ann. Contentment is a good C word for me!

    • While I might get cranky when I don’t “c” somebody I like and admire, I am immediately cured by a cheering, cheerful, and complimentary comment (like your comments always are, Robin). I am completely content to see you, here and now. (And, concurrently, I apologize for not dropping in on your blog, lately.)

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