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Day 740: Links, Labels, and other L-words

Lengths of lovely, leisurely, AND laborious times have elapsed, loyal followers, since I’ve let loose a Letter Post into the blogosphere.  To illustrate Letter Posts, let’s link to examples.

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Rules and Guidelines (link, please!) for letter posts*?

  1. Liberally use* letter all through* blog post.
  2. Do not permit this technique to interfere, too much, with communication and meaning.**

Let’s L, shall we?

Lively and lovable film-travel-and-lifestyle blogger Alex Raphael liked my latest post, as follows:

… you have such amazing links.

Lovely. Thanks,* Alex.

That latest post also included a link to labels about Aquarians like me (and labels for Leos, Libras, etc.*):

aloofness, selflessness, analytical, contrary, cranky, detached, distant, eccentric, fanatical, fearless, friendly, humanitarian, idealistic, independent, individualistic, intellectual, inventive, lofty, loyal, oblivious, odd, original, outrageous, progressive, quick, quirky, perverse, rebellious, sociable, stubborn, tactless, tireless, trustworthy, unconventional, unemotional, unpredictable and innovative.

Percentage of L-words there? Good luck!

Labels — like I endlessly like to recollect and recall —  may be a limiting liability (link, please!).  Labels can also be enjoyable, laughable, pleasant, convivial, and fun (link, please!).

Look at the clock!


Don’t like to be late for lovely, skilled locks-smith Mia (link, please)!

Lest I be late, let’s quickly look at latest photos* (chronologically):


Lovely Penny the Pen at cardiac rehabilitation, at a hospital.



Let’s dance!



Lovely Danise, looking melancholy.



Look! Penny’s fallen!



Danise: “Is she feeling blue?”



Let’s allow all feelings!



A helpful skill (link, please!)



Look at all these lovely things in my office!



Slinky, spiral, or coil (link, please!)


IMG_4500 IMG_4502

Lapcat and Laptop.

Finally, a link to something on YouTube by somebody I love:

Lots and lots of lovely gratitude to Alex, Mia, Danise, my son Aaron, and all who helped with — and are looking at — this post (including YOU*).

* There’s no L-word for this. Believe me, I looked.

** Utterly lacking in L-words, like it or not.

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