Day 704: Live

All of these images were taken live, by me, yesterday.





















Live, from Boston,* I shall now comment on these photos:

  1. On my walk to work, I stopped to take that photo of a ?. Why? I simply cannot live without asking questions.
  2. “Where there’s life, there’s hope” was something somebody said during a therapy session involving the hope of learning to live more authentically, fully, and happily.
  3. Letting go of worry, live from a room where I facilitated a group last evening.
  4. That sign about indoor living lives outdoors and reminds me now that I hope I live long enough to see Sting’s play “The Last Ship” in the great indoors tomorrow night.
  5. A lively, early Christmas gift arrived in the mail yesterday for Michael, who lives to love snow globes.
  6. I was watching the new live production of “Peter Pan” on the TV in our living room (thanks to coffeegrounded‘s lively alert on my blog post yesterday).
  7. Live from the living room, it’s Oscar!
  8. More live action from “Peter Pan,” shaky because I was laughing so hard after Michael said, walking into the living room after Tinkerbell had been brought back to life by the belief living in a kashmillion clapping children: “Oh!  I see Tinkerbell is alive again, NO THANKS TO YOU, ANN!”
  9. A live shot of cookies, because of another lively comment by coffeegrounded, yesterday.
  10. Live coverage of reactions in Boston to the Eric Garner decision (which people had discussed, with many lively questions about the future and hope,  in the therapy group I facilitated).

I wish I could write more, this morning, but I need to go live, now, to cardiac rehab, before I go to work for a couple of hours and then take a lively train ride with my friend Deb for a weekend live in New York.

I like to post live versions of songs in my blog (like here, here, here, here, here, and here). Does any hope live in you, right now, about

  • a song you’d like me to include in this here post (assuming I can figure out how to do that, live from the train ride or New York)?
  • anything else you’d like to express, live in the comments below?

If not, no worries.

Thanks to all who live as best they can (including you).

* When you’re reading this, I might be live in (or near) New York.

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32 thoughts on “Day 704: Live

  1. Live in New York! How cool. Hope you took the shortbread with you on the journey.
    Saying adieu, live from Newtown Square Pennsylvania.
    No worries indeed my friend.
    Val x

    • Val! I’m planning on being live in Pennsylvania sometime next year. That and your visit today is helping promote no worries.

  2. yeoldefoole

    safe & happy travels, dear one!

  3. Hope the weather is good in New York. Looks like you’re in for some mild temperatures and rain. At least you don’t have to worry about being snowed in. Have a great time.

  4. New York. Enjoy!
    i kove trains, i took the train from Arizona to New Orleans once, then on to North Carolina. As a child in the Chicago area, i took trains often. always took the tran to the city to go to work.
    Please esoecially enjoy thqt trip for me!

  5. I sense you coming closer, Ann. I hope you get to see the rink, the tree, 30 Rock, all the glory of the Center, everything you wish to photograph in Manhattan, and absolutely love the Sting production. Maybe you will feel secure after shaking the globe and enjoying the pieces settling down. I just rewrote that last sentence as a suggestion and not as an assignment, by the way. Your work is well done. 🙂

    • I am closer and getting closer every moment, Mark. I am taking your suggestion/assignment to observe the wonders I find in New York. Thanks for bringing all those things alive in your comment.

  6. When I think of you Ann, the words ‘indomitable spirit’ always comes to mind.

    I love that your heart gets rehab (it keeps you living) — though I don’t love that you need heart rehab -I think we could all use rehab on our hearts sometimes!

    Dare boldly. Live bravely today!

  7. Enjoy the weekend!

  8. I live in the suburbs of Northern California, My boyfriend invited me to go with him to the Super Bowel in New Jersey and stayed in New York, this last February, (I was totally excited)! There is something “ALIVE” about being in a large city, SF has it too, but it’s not the same. The experience was magnificent, we did non touristy things, ate at restaurants which were small little holes in the wall, the food was phenomenal! Now everything should taste THAT good! People were kind and genuine, we got lost on the subway, this gentleman helped us get to where we needed to go, on BART, umm its a fifty fifty, but we know our way around BART now. There is just something about the city, maybe sophistication, I don’t know, people just seem so much more pleasant and happy, the way they dress, and act, it’s so much to take in. I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as we did, it was probably the best vacation he’s taken me on!

    NIBSIH 😊

  9. I’m glad that Michael made you laugh. Michael is wonderful.

  10. And here’s a song for you, something a little different: a Tamil version of “Don’t worry, be happy.”

  11. Ann, Your cat Oscar is the image of one of our cats Rambo. The other’s name was Rosie. Their names befitted their temperament. Rosie calm and Rambo-well his name says it all. When we moved my brother brought in two cat travel boxes. He asked me who was in which box. It was easy-one box had large air holes. The other had tight air holes and wrapped tightly with duct tape. I’ll leave it to you, how I knew. Both are in cat heaven now, but fondly remembered.

  12. kellie@writingmoment

    I love number 4! It’s raining right now and my daughter and I have still been outside in the great outdoors! Beautiful 🙂

  13. Lovely!

  14. Ah, the great indoors ~ even in bad weather it is nice to stretch the body & mind with a nice walk outdoors and seeing it all (which your photos do so well). Cheers Ann to a great weekend…

  15. Pingback: Day 719: Mean girls | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  16. I forgot about Michael’s love of snow globes. What an interesting love! I wonder how that came about. Although, I think he loves you much more.

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