Day 705: Bloggy

Yesterday, soon after we arrived in Penn Station in New York City, my friend Deb thoughtfully asked, “Do you want to take a picture of that?  That looks bloggy.”


I agreed with Deb, even though I’d never heard the word “bloggy” before.

My bloggiest readers know that I often start posts with a definition, but because I won’t be able to find such a bloggy definition online, I shall now bloggily make one up:


adjective, informal

1. Relating to or otherwise appropriate for blogs.

“Doesn’t that look bloggy? Maybe you should take a photo of it.”

2. (onomatopoeic)  Blurry, foggy, confused.

“You’re looking rather bloggy. Have you been taking good enough care of yourself?”

What’s the bloggy thing to do now? Let’s see if I captured other bloggy images yesterday, as I went from cardiac rehab to work to the train station to New York City.


IMG_2830 IMG_2831 IMG_2833 IMG_2835 IMG_2838 IMG_2841 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2848 IMG_2850 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2855 IMG_2857 IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_2861 IMG_2863 IMG_2864 IMG_2865 IMG_2866 IMG_2868 IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2872

If any of those photos make you feel bloggy in any way, feel free to leave your bloggy comments or questions below.

I must be feeling bloggy, because I almost forgot to include some bloggy music.

“A Foggy Day” (which in my bloggy mind sounds close enough to “A Bloggy Day in New York Town) by George and Ira Gershwin as performed by Fred Astaire found here on bloggy YouTube.

Thanks to blogolicious* Deb and to all my bloggy friends out there (including you, of course!)

* Another word that Deb made up. Feel free to bloggily provide a blogolicious definition.


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34 thoughts on “Day 705: Bloggy

  1. That is a great term ~ and there are days I am very happy to be in a bloggy mood ~ and this is one of them with this post (and photos). The first shot you took makes me think of the great feeling of the holidays in the States, which I will be returning to in a couple of weeks 🙂

    So with the photos you posted, I can put on some Christmas tunes for a Saturday night of work (yuk!) and also some bloggy stuff for a break when I need it. Cheers!

    • I always feel bloggy (in the best sense of the word) when I see you here, Randall! I’m glad my blog contributes in any way to the beautiful work you do in the world.

      • That makes me smile even more tonight ~ a great bloggy parting gift for me as I head back behind the Great Firewall of China tomorrow 🙂 Wish you the best!

  2. As a guy who loves a word document without squiggly lines under non-words, I’d love to make an exception for bloggy and especially blogalicious

  3. Darn auto correct! I meant blogalicious!

  4. You are so bloggy! And by that I mean you blog, blog blog.
    I haven’t been feeling blogggy enough lately. But today I am off to an art fair in a tiny town called Cascabel AZ. It is reachable only by a long dirt road and is sort of nowhere. No train trip to Cascabel though once there were wagon trains.
    Four friends are carring up there since there is no train (nor wagon train). Perhaps I will feel bloggier once I get there.
    Have FUN in Nueva York, and get some good cardio going.

  5. I’m totally using the word bloggy!! Hhaha, love it Ann! 🙂 🙂

  6. was going to
    write something
    until i got
    so bloggy 🙂

  7. I too, like the term bloggy as it relates to blogs Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  8. Wonderful photos, and bloggy works for me..

  9. Yes, bloggy it is, Ann. And I can tell your heart was really into this one, my friend. ❤

  10. Love the hotel review! (And noting it.)
    Your cardio plan is inspiring and impressive — 20 minutes on a treadmill PLUS your incredibly intense daily chase-the-perfect photo bloggy workout. You saw SO much of NYC in just one evening! (Maybe I should get off my sofa more.)

    • The hotel has come through for us today, by moving us from our first room, which was on floor C for Cellar. You seem to see the world from your sofa, Maureen, but I bet you’d see a lot in NYC, too.

  11. Kentucky Angel

    I feel bloggy very often Ann, just didn’t have a word to describe it. Thanks for helping me out with that. I especially like the picture about tripping. Saw it a few seconds ago but have already forgotten what it said, but I trip over the nap in the carpet, so that makes me especially bloggy feeling. Guess I should keep my camera handy so I can take a pic as I fall. Actually would love to take a selfie of what I look like during the worst part of a concussion. Might be a plan there. Great post.

  12. I love when you invent words Ann! This is a keeper.
    Every morning I’ll ask myself “Am I feeling bloggy today? ”
    I usually am.
    … and I’ll think of you ❤
    Val x

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