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Day 3486: Deciding to be happy

Today, I’m deciding to be happy.

I’m sure there’s research that proves that deciding to be happy helps people be happy, but I’m deciding to be happy about not looking up that research.

I’m deciding to be happy about all the images I’m sharing today.

I’m deciding to be happy if I eat cupcakes or milk chocolate today and I’m deciding to be happy that a kind person on Twitter responded thusly to my question “What’s a great sing-along song?”


I’m deciding to be happy about sharing that song here.


Are you deciding to comment on this deciding-to-be-happy post?

I’m deciding to be happy and grateful to YOU!

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Day 3276: Voices

So many have voiced profound thoughts about voices, including these:


Do you see (or hear) voices in my other images for today?

In honor of Go Caroling Day, here are many voices performing “Carol of the Bells.”

I look forward to hearing your voices in the comments section below.

I hope you hear the voices of gratitude from me, every time you visit this daily blog.

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Day 3080: Find your happy place

Even when your place has no air conditioning during a heat wave, it’s still possible to find your happy place.

This sign was at a happy place in our local shopping mall, where we were searching for a fan to make our place a cooler and therefore happy place:

How do you find your happy place? Is it inside yourself? Is it outside?


Can you find your happy place shopping at a mall?


Can you find your happy place on social media?


Sometimes you need to find your sad place before you can find your happy place.

Very soon, I’ll be finding my happy place when I have a ZOOM call this morning with my friend Megan, who is moving to a new happy place in Connecticut with her family.

Let’s see if the Daily Bitch can find her happy place.

This is what I find on YouTube when I try to find “find your happy place.”

I find my happy place through gratitude, so thanks to everyone who helps make this blogging place happier, including YOU.

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