Day 3628: Overreacting

I notice that I’m overreacting these days about

  • filling out forms (like renewing my passport),
  • mistakes,
  • aches and pains,
  • ongoing decisions I need to make about our shower remodel,
  • money issues,
  • all the things that could possibly go wrong everywhere,
  • imagined criticisms and slights,
  • my weight,
  • TV shows,
  • people who don’t vote the way I would,
  • the news cycle, and
  • the weather.

Do you see overreacting in my images for today?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “overreacting.”

If you are overreacting, you’re not alone.

Gratitude modulates my overreacting, so thanks to all who follow my daily reactions in this blog, including YOU.

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19 thoughts on “Day 3628: Overreacting

  1. I’m trying to focus on not overreaching today. I feel a rant coming on but can’t decide what it is about. Call in a nub of a rant, a slight dissonance about something I can’t identify just yet. If the rant grows, I know it will be a big one!

  2. Hey! My stairs looked the same yesterday, tarped in canvas.

    Are you overreacting or just reacting and experiencing? You have a lot going on. But Joan is keeping an eye on you!

  3. Starting to feel anxious about meeting the mail deadline for shipping Christmas packages

  4. Debbie T

    Overreacting about mistakes is my downfall.

  5. overreacting takes a lot of time and energy, but it does happen in spite of knowing that. most things we have no control over are good to just let go. and things that haven’t happened yet or might happen, most likely will never happen. if they do, you still have the option to overreact then )

  6. I’ve also been overreacting a lot lately which makes me wonder if it’s the news, the weather, or something else. Or maybe it’s all the things.

    • Haha… what a quinky dink. I just finished a phone call and as I hung up, my eyes were wide as I thought, “Wow! That person sure overreacted! They need to quit. The job is really stressing them out.”
      I was googling “ what to say to an extreme overreaction ” and saw your email in my ebox.

      Maybe stress reaction is rampant now, more than other times of year? Any helpful suggestions on how to help each other through these moments?

      PS I don’t comment much, but I have enjoyed your posts through the years. Thanks for your faithful sharing.

      • Thanks for all your reactions, Barb. I think people do tend to overreact at this time of the year. My suggestion is to breathe in acceptance and consciously let go of stress. 💕

    • I appreciate all your reactions, Chris.

  7. I’m glad to see Joan not reacting to the throw cover on the stairs carpet, Ann. Some cats would take that off in a jiff!

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  9. Sharon Bolin

    Hey Ann! Unless your lovely cat is named overreacting, I don’t see overreacting in your images. Also, sometimes overreacting is awesome 💜

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