Day 2990: An achievable next step

In therapy, when people feel overwhelmed, I ask them to identify an achievable next step.

For me, here and now, achievable next steps include:

  • sending an email inviting somebody to connect with me via ZOOM,
  • opening up 2020 tax preparation software for the first time,
  • entering some tax data,
  • sending my video of “Vaccinated Women” to another TV show,
  • calling my health insurance company about family coverage,
  • calling a new company about my flexible spending health accountability account,
  • dancing, and
  • sharing these images with you:

According to the CDC, achievable next steps are definitely changing. Change is stressful, even those changes you desperately want. I would suggest choosing and practicing an achievable next step for reducing stress.

For me, sharing music I love is an achievable next step. Here are international women taking achievable next dance steps to “So What” by Miles Davis.

Is an achievable next step for you leaving a comment about this achievable-next-step post?

Gratitude is always an achievable next step for me.

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18 thoughts on “Day 2990: An achievable next step

  1. Satisfying achievements, all, Ann!

  2. puella33

    Ann, I’m so happy you’re submitting your Vaccinated Women video to a show! What type of dancing do you do ?

  3. This morning I was very nervous going for my first COVID-19 vaccine shot, but it was incredibly easy and went well, and that leaves me feeling that the next step, scheduled for three weeks from now, will be just as easy, and that I can look forward to a transition to another new normal. In between, though, I’m excited about updates about your submission.

    • I’ve had one rejection, Chris, and you know what THAT is like. I’m always excited to get a comment from you.

  4. i’m all about baby steps, they keep me headed in the right direction. and sometimes, big steps too, they drop me right into the right direction.

  5. I took an “achievable next step” today and went to Costco for the first time in a year. It felt like Disneyland! LOL!

  6. Once I am able to get vaccinated, my next step is beating feet to Texas to see all my family. It’s been way too long. Beyond excited about the possibility of returning to something like normal before year’s end. Seems like ages since any foray outside the house has been free of a tinge of anxiety. Hope your next step is to get on a TV show with your song, Ann! ☺️👍

  7. My achievable next step – complimenting your stunning sea photos! I love a good sea photo. 🙂

  8. An achievable next step is beginning my taxes ASAP.

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