Day 2989: Happy International Women’s Day!

This international woman is happy that there is an international women’s day we can all celebrate together. I also have something else to celebrate today: the birthday of an international woman I have frequently featured in this blog — my life-long friend Barbara (recently appearing here with her brilliant thoughts about the importance of minor adjustments).

How do you plan to celebrate international women’s day? I am celebrating it by sharing these images captured by and featuring women:

Personally, I think women should brag more.

To celebrate international women’s day, here are Andra Day and Bonnie Raitt performing “Rise Up.”

Thanks to international women everywhere and to YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 2989: Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. Happy day to and all the women of the world, Ann!

  2. puella33

    Warm wishes, Ann

  3. Happy International Women’s Day! I think I should celebrate in part by listening to Bonnie Raitt’s “Burning Down The House”, which is one of those rare covers that improves on the original. Also I wonder if there isn’t something in the fact that we’re both wearing red shirts, although the last thing I ate was pastrami.

  4. and we all deserve to brag, that we do!

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  6. carol goodman

    Love the Bonnie Raitt and Andra Day links! Happy day late international Women’s Day to one of my most favorite accomplished powerful loving women. I know you will keep blazing! Love you.

  7. Beautiful compositions here Ann!

  8. I was on the road yesterday for International Women’s Day, so I’m late to your celebration. But I hope we can carry the focus forward and celebrate women’s accomplishments and strength every day. We need each other!

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