Day 2661: PTSD

People who regularly read this blog might know that PTSD can stand for

During this age of anxiety, PTSD can also stand for

Plague Times Stress Disorder

Pandemic Terror Stress Disorder

Almost everyone I know has some form of PTSD, including me.

Here‘s something that’s been helping people deal with PTSD: Some Good News with John Krasinski:

I don’t know if this is a sign of PTSD, but I can’t make it through any episode of that wonderful show without crying.

Here are my latest PTSDs (Photos That Somebody Deserves):









What are your thoughts and feelings about PTSD, my Perceptive, Terrific, Super, and Dear readers?

Presently, Thanks Seem Deserved.




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27 thoughts on “Day 2661: PTSD

  1. Present Time, Surely Depressed, Ann.

  2. Suffering from a few of those myself! How about pre-trauma situational disorder? DH is in hospice care now, resting comfortably and ready to move on. I’m as ready as I can be for what comes next, and yet it’s pre-traumatic.

  3. Thanks Ann. I loved the video. I watched the whole thing. Almost started crying again. Experiencing moments of deep sadness.

  4. Pretend To Smile Daily, Pass The Sugar Donut. (* ˘⌣˘)◞[_]♥[_]ヽ(•‿• )

  5. Your parents’ comment on your photo:
    Plentiful tresses – smart daughter!

  6. i love jk’s happy news show, and i have the trump/terror disorder for sure

  7. puella33

    Nice video , Ann. Thanks for sharing it with us

  8. Looking forward to the Post-Traumatically-Stressful Days

  9. While being quarantined has been stressful and even traumatic, I do find that there have been some Pleasant Times and Sunny Days, and I take some comfort in considering that “trauma” is related to the German word “Traum”.

  10. Please take social distance if not plenty trauma stress days will follow life goes on as you all know

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  12. Reallly interesting post! Please feel encouraged to check out my recent blog post regarding PTSD awareness day (today, June 27th) or just the overall PTSD awareness month of June! Thank you❤️

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