Day 2662: One Day at a Time

Even though I’ve been doing this blogging thing one day at time for two thousand, six hundred, and sixty-two consecutive days, I’ve never before written a post titled “One Day at a Time.”

One day, at a time when twelve people were doing a remote Coping and Healing group online, many talked about taking the coronavirus pandemic one day at a time.


These are all the other images I captured one day, at a time:





















Can’t sleep ?  Consider taking these days one MOMENT at a time.

In one day at a time, here and now, I will be:

  • Doing individual therapy online,
  • Facilitating another Coping and Healing group remotely,
  • Watching a taped episode of “A Late Show with Stephen Colbert,
  • Taking Oscar to the vet,
  • Taking photos for this blog,
  • Eating a home-cooked meal prepared by my husband Michael,
  • Conducting a Zoom Board Meeting of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy,
  • Doing my best to let go of stress, anxiety, and fear,  and
  • Taking it all one moment at time.

One day at a time earlier this week, I saw this online article “Museum Asks People to Recreate Paintings with Stuff They Can Find at Home, Here Are the Results.”

I enjoyed those recreations one at a time, including this one:


Here‘s Gloria Estefen with “One Day at a Time.”

I look forward to reading your thoughts and feelings about this one-day-at-a-time post  one comment at a time.

One expression of gratitude at a time to all, including YOU.


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27 thoughts on “Day 2662: One Day at a Time

  1. We had a great online staff meeting for work yesterday, Ann, and it made my one day better to see and hear my colleagues.

  2. I like your photographs and the result of the museum project

  3. Ahh…little Whistler’s Mother! Too cute! ♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡

  4. Hi Ann! I enjoy looking at your photos one day at a time. Oscar is looking slimmer. I hope he is feeling well.

    If you were going to recreate a work of art at home, which would it be?

  5. puella33

    We have no choice but to take things one day at a time, now because everything is a guess. There will be a nice future, but when is unknown. I always love your pictures. Have a nice day, Ann

  6. I’m getting through things one day at a time, and perhaps now would be a good chance to catch up on the update of One Day At A Time.

  7. Hi Ann. I like youw “now” and “then” pictures… a high school graduation photo, was it? And the little girl reenacting the famous artwork – adorable! One day at a time… one hour at a time … one minute, one word, one thought… it’s the NOW that counts . There’s no other way to take it!

  8. I always take life one day at a time and just roll with the flow

  9. Taking this together time with my hubby and precious pets one day at a time. Feel blessed to be surrounded by their love. Glad that you are bringing your readers fresh perspective one day at a time, Ann!

  10. Kellie

    Love this! My new normal has provided me a chance to get back here, I have missed your posts!

  11. i am taking it one day at a time this week, as we’ve suffered a tragic sudden loss in my classroom of kinder. while embracing my own feelings of loss and sadness, i am also trying to help my families to cope and make sense of this from a safe distance. in doing so, it is helping me as well, and we are moving ahead together. it is not a clear path, but rather an up and down process, with both good and bad moments.

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