Day 1427: PTSD

Because I’ve experienced several traumatizing events in my life, starting when I was a child, I have been given the diagnosis of  PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

However,  I also have Psychological Training for Surviving Disasters AND  Pretty Thorough Skills for Durability.

When Practiced, Those Suffice Dependably.

I am now Prepared To Share Different PTSDs I’ve been experiencing recently:

  • Post-Thoracotomy Stress Disorder
  • Pacemaker Transplant Stress Disorder
  • Pain Tolerating Stress Disorder
  • Physical Tasks Stress Disorder
  • Painfully Taking Stairs Disorder
  • Political Talk Stress Disorder
  • Post-Trump Stress Disorder
  • Pre-Trump Stress Disorder
  • Presidential Terror Stress Disorder

To relieve my various PTSDs, yesterday I Photographed These Scenes Deliberately:





























Do you have Photographically Tired Stress Disorder or any other form of PTSD now, my Patient, Terrific, Stupendously Dear readers?

Here‘s a PTSD song by Joe Bachman:


Peace, Thanks, Sincerity, and Devotedness.


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47 thoughts on “Day 1427: PTSD

  1. Lol! Thank you, I enjoyed reading and the photos. You made smile:-)

  2. I’m a fellow sufferer of Presidential Terror Sickness Disorder! The remedies seem to be HGTV, Food Channel, X1 voice activated On Demand tv, playing Mexican Train dominoes and listening to Amazon Music tunes on my Flip2, plus meditating daily and staying close to friends and family. And key lime pie! 😋❤️🌴

  3. It would be so fun to go shopping with you.

  4. Gene Phillips

    I especially like those PTSDs that “suffice dependably.”

  5. no stress disorder from this post- just lots of smiles. Did you know I collect those finger puppets? I will have to show you mine sometime. 🙂

  6. Yeats said “Nothing can be sole or whole/That has not been rent”–there is no order without disorder, and in mythology the interference of the god Dis often bred heroes. All that aside your real diagnosis appears to be Positively Talking Silliness Daily.

  7. For PTSD’s, I hope you buy my book and give me some of Michael’s fish

  8. And then there’s the whole vicarious PTSD thing Ann! Love the photos you shared and hoping you feel better and all healed up soon! ❤
    Diana xo

  9. I, too, have PTSD and it shows itself at the most bizarre times.
    This new kind, the presidential kind, now it is a tough one.

  10. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow a doctor who koloring buk??? i bet its got more paydjes on the inside rite??? ha ha ok bye

  11. There was a time the letters PTSD stood for nothing like what they stand for today, although some of the things you said it could stand for are spot on as well, I tried to think of something it could stand for that relates to me that you didn’t say but came up with nothing maybe my brain is still asleep who knows. I have started getting up early to blog before I have to deal with Leo

  12. Pretty Tantalizing Stuff Dear.

  13. Oh gosh, I have political talk stress disorder, post (and pre-) Trump stress disorder, and another you mentioned. But I’ve developed coping mechanisms, most of which consist of asking “do you really want to talk about this?” and “Can we not talk about this?”

  14. Party Time Soon Dawns

  15. You are funny! No matter how many letters describe you!

  16. Love it!! ❤ Thanks for the 'follow', love your blog 🙂

  17. Love your pics!

  18. Marie Christine

    Great post! My first time reading your blog (I’m a new blogger/like minded). I truly appreciate your proper spelling of “judgmentally”… you don’t see that much anymore. 😉

    • I try not to be judgmental about the other spelling! Thanks so much for the visit and the comment, Marie. I am honored.

  19. I love it!!! Great post and really fun to read. Thanks!

  20. Love the Pics! That food looks delicious! I have PTSD too.

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