Day 2650: Doing new things

During times like these, we’re all doing new things.  Doing new things can be

  • scary,
  • intimidating,
  • frustrating,
  • exciting,
  • challenging,
  • annoying,
  • exhausting, and
  • enlightening.

My new photos show us doing new things, including …


… using a beloved book in the remote versions of my Coping and Healing groups,



… trying a new fish we’ve never eaten before,



Harley practicing LESS social distancing, and


… all of us here working hard to forgive ourselves and others.

I just learned new things about the Faroe Islands when I searched YouTube for “social distancing music” and found people doing new things here:


If you’ve never left a comment before, consider doing that new thing, here and now.

It also helps to do familiar things, like my expressing gratitude for all those who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.



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26 thoughts on “Day 2650: Doing new things

  1. I love a new read. The book looks good 🙏

    • The book poses questions like “If you knew you had one day to live, how would you spend it?” and “If you were to describe what speaks to your soul, what would you say?” It’s great for facilitating deep discussions, which is why I use it in my groups. Thanks for the comment! ❤

      • Hmm, thanks for the update. Sounds like a great conversation starter. Take care ❤️

  2. Its nice to see you are upbeat and positive. Keep it going.

  3. Any fish you wish, Ann! Today I will be joining in a new online group conversing method with library co-workers to share interdepartmental planning for these at-home days of best servicing patron needs.

  4. I’m new to Zoom and will be joining an EvalNet discussion of Covid-19 actions in about 8 minutes….

  5. Retirement with its emphasis on doing new things has prepared me well for enforced isolation.

  6. We are all doing new things. Some by choice, some by necessity. I just hope that we all learn from these new things.

  7. Myt “new” activities have been a visit with my doctor by video conference – that was fun and informative! Also, in an effort to minimize shopping to the grocery store, I’m making combinations of food in new dishes I’ll never eat again – if i can help it. LOL! But they are healthy and filling. What to do, other than eat them, with that kilo tin of dolmades? I like them in human amounts, but a kilo goes a long ways and they are just herbed rice domades. That will be my next challenge, I think.

  8. It normally feels like I’m doing new things all the time, and I always like to learn something new, but lately they’ve been, well, newer. For a long time I’ve collected coins from around the world, and yet I don’t have any from the Faroe Islands, which has its own wonderful currency. I should add some to my collection, combining something old and something new.

    • Lately your comments and your blog posts have been, well, even greater. Thanks for sharing new things, Chris.

  9. swai basa is new to me, and I love the sound of the book, which is new to me, too. as for new things here, I’m finding new and longer trails to take on my walks, leading me to new adventures and beautiful surprises each and every day.

  10. I love readiing and blogging or just watching telly

  11. I made kasha and bowties for supper tonight. The spell checker changed “Bow ties” to Bowie so many times in this post that I thought I should attach this:

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