Day 2458: Sometimes life sucks

Sometimes life sucks, like when you lose an old friend to a terrible brain cancer that has killed another friend of yours.

Sometimes you see a card that perfectly captures your experience.


Sometimes you listen to the same damn song over and over again to comfort yourself, like when you’re driving to say goodbye to an old friend.



by Jacob Collier

Everybody, near and far
Come together as you are
To the ocean, to the sky
Sing that cosmic lullaby
Sing the hajanga

Sing your pleasure sing your pain
Like you’ll never sing again
Let it echo, loud and clear
Across the ancient stratosphere
Even when the sun refuse to shine
There’s a song of love that never dies

Even when the good days pass you by
Lift your voices to the sky singin’

As the words go round and round
Let the tears roll down and down
Sing the way you wish to be
Let that singing set you free

Even when those dark clouds bring you down
There’s a spark of joy that can be found
Even when things break and fall apart
Lift your hands up from your heart, singing

Said every morning
Every night
Through the darkness
To the light
Like a beacon
Shining bright
Sing the hajanga you’ll be alright

From the winter
Comes the spring
It don’t matter
What life will bring
You can do most anything
So give your hajanga
A song to sing

So tell your mama
Tell your pa
Sing it near and sing it far
Be exactly the way you are
See the hajanga
It’s your guiding star

To every woman
To every man
In every nation
In every land
I said please you’ve gotta understand
Now sing the hajanga
And take my hand, sing it!

Then one day your life is through
Nothing more that you can do
So give away the things you know
And tell your friends you love them so
Tell them hajanga

I let the tears roll down and down, yesterday, as I told Tony‘s friends and family that I loved him so.

Sometimes life sucks and we CAN do a damn thing about it, like telling people we love them so.

Here are all my other damn photos from yesterday:









Sometimes life sucks and we can feel and express gratitude for what we still have, like this blog and YOU.



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23 thoughts on “Day 2458: Sometimes life sucks

  1. I’m so sorry, ann. ❤

  2. It sucks that I can’t do more for you than offer my condolences, Ann. I am sorry you have lost such a dear friend. Thank you for reminding us life is fleeting and precious.

  3. May your memories make it suck a little less each day, Ann.

  4. My commiserations

  5. May your heart hurt less, and may you hug your cat more!

  6. It sure does Ann, but then someone, or something, makes you smile, and we remember the good times.
    Hugs to you.

  7. puella33

    I agree, Ann. Sadly it’s part of living. I lost a dear friend, and every time I would go in the candy aisle, ( he had a sweet tooth) , tears would run down my cheeks. Time didn’t make me less callous, I decided , instead, to communicate with him spiritually, if you will. I wouldn’t remind him of how sufferable this world is.. We use anything to cope with a loss- there are no right and wrong ways.
    I hope this is song is helpful. Warm hugs , Ann

  8. A message I’ve heard from several different sources over the past few days is that the pain we feel following a loss reminds us just how lucky we are to have had someone in our lives who made us feel so much.
    I’m happy you’ve found that same idea in your own way, and I’m also glad that you’re making life suck less just by being you.

  9. I’m sorry about your friend Tony. My cousin has the same thing and goodness it’s going quickly. It makes me want to research suffering as explained by different religions. Grief is a process, and I wish you well in it.

  10. I’m so very sorry, Ann, and yes, I agree wit you, sometimes life really does suck! To lose two dear friends to the same horrible disease is piling on the pain of loss. Typically words are so limiting, but I love the lyrics to the Collier song. You find some good ones, my friend. xx

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