Day 2766: I haven’t been this depressed since …

How would you complete today’s blog post title?

I haven’t been this depressed since …

Here’s how The Daily Bitch completes that sentence …


… which also works for me.

I haven’t taken many photos since my last blog post, perhaps because I’m depressed about the passing of our fabulous cat, Oscar.






Harley doesn’t seem depressed, but who knows?

Here‘s what comes up on YouTube when I search for “I haven’t been this depressed since”.


I haven’t been this grateful since yesterday.



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24 thoughts on “Day 2766: I haven’t been this depressed since …

  1. Fortunately I am not depressed.

  2. …since I saw my face in the mirror this morning へ[ •́ ‸ •̀ ]ʋ(⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)(Θ︹Θ)ს꒰๑•̥﹏•̥๑꒱

  3. I do like the video and the positive attitude expressed in it.

  4. I remember your depression and the anxiety ahead of your heart surgery very well. And I remember that Aaron and Harley and Oscar and Michael were there for you and Michael posted on your blog after your surgery so that we would all know that you had made it through.

    I thought that guy on the “You are not depressed” video was quite cheering. But is he right? We can try to make him right by telling ourselves that we are not depressed — in that the depression will move away like the clouds move away from the sky. But trying to trick ourselves with language doesn’t always work. We know that we don’t mean it the way that he does when we say it. We mean that we are very affected by depression at the moment and we wish that we had our old selves back, but we are in deep pain and can barely move and feel that the house has fallen on us. (Or some variation.) Or maybe we are simply grieving, but telling ourselves that “we are not grief” doesn’t take away the pain, fill the hole, or settle the loving and anguished memories that sweep us up with them. I like that he is offering this helpful thought. It might work sometimes. But it’s okay if it doesn’t. People are resilient in different ways, and sometimes we don’t find out our own resources until the house is upon us.

  5. Like Derrick, I am, fortunately, not depressed. Though I know what that is. A little anxious, a little fearful about the future, but hopeful, too. Grief, like depression, can take a while to pass. Sometimes you just have to sit with it, like a companion. But you know this.

  6. it is a very real thing, and I’m sure very hard to wade through it all, but you clearly have an incredible tenacity, grit, and will to go on. I’m quite sure we will see you on the other shore of this once more. we all are with you, helping you to get there

  7. I’ve seen friends go through depression, and fortunately I’ve seen them come through it. Depression can be like a passing cloud, or even like the phases of the moon–natural and predictable, and something that will pass eventually.

  8. I auto-filled your title with “yesterday” in my mind before I even clicked on the link. I am pretty resilient, but four months of isolation, and the general chaotic overtones in the US right now – well, my meds are having to work harder than usual. I know that I will pull out of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I am sorry about your losses and struggles. I hope that you will come out the other side able to find some beauty in the process.

  9. puella33

    I don’t know if I’m depressed, I know I’m discouraged with certain things I can’t control. It’ seems as though nothing motivates me lately. I do look forward to disciplining myself to weighing less than I did when all this Covid started. I understand you, Ann, somethings are beyond our control, and I guess time helps us to adapt to the situation. It doesn’t solve miracles though. We all have our strategies in coping, with tragedies. We are here for you ❤

  10. Yesterday, Ann.

  11. I’m so sorry about the loss of Oscar. Our furry friends are important family members and when they leave us, they leave a hole in our hearts just as human loss does. My condolences, Ann. ❤️🙏🏽😩

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