Day 2531: Feelings

Yesterday in a therapy group, people felt comfortable and brave enough to talk about and show their feelings, including sadness, joy, anger, and fear.


Another group therapist recently told me that a member of his group said, “In group, joy is doubled and fear is halved.”

I have many good feelings about being a group therapist.

Are there any  feelings  in and about my other photos from yesterday?









Spotify tells me that I listened to “Hajanga” by Jacob Collier more than any other song in 2019.  That’s because

Here‘s a live 2019 version of Jacob playing “Hajanga” at MIT:


Of course, I’m wondering about your feelings now.

As always, I’m feeling gratitude for all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.





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19 thoughts on “Day 2531: Feelings

  1. I like the looks of that ring set, Ann.

  2. puella33

    I like the baseball photo, because it’s a sign of Spring, which is hopeful

  3. I’ve got some difficult feelings right now, but the advice “Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle” is helping me feel better.

  4. Awesome just saying

  5. “Sing your pleasure, sing your pain, like you’ll never sing again.” Music for mindfulness. Thanks, Ann.

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  8. More than 50 years ago, as part of the interviewing procedure for my social work training course, we applicants were placed in a group where the tutor stated “Today’s subject is feelings” and left the room.

  9. Lovely rings, Ann. 🙂 I’m feeling happy for you.

  10. London Live 24

    Great post

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