Day 2289: Could this be?

Could this be another daily post from me? Could today’s blog post be inspired by The Curse of Oak Island, a TV show I first heard about yesterday at a birthday celebration for my niece, Laura?

Could this be Joe — Laura’s step-father and brother-in-law —  telling me about the treasure hunting on The Curse of Oak Island and how the show’s dramatic narration constantly notices clue and repeats exposition, asking questions like “Could  this be the triangular rock that will finally lead us to the treasure’s destination after searching for all these years?”


Could this be my introduction to the rest of my photos from yesterday, many of which include ducks? (Could “duck” be my answer to the question, “If you could be any animal, what would you be?“)

Could this be the latest vegetarian culinary masterpiece from Michael? Could this be the point that I remind you that you can click on any of the above photos to enlarge them?

Could this be where I include the opening from The Curse of Oak Island?

Could this be Stephen Colbert interviewing the brothers from The Curse of Oak Island?

Could this be my request for comments?

Could this be my thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to (dramatic music) YOU?



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20 thoughts on “Day 2289: Could this be?

  1. It could that there is no “The Curse Of Oak Island” here in Geelong, is a good thing, or a bad thing, Ann ??

    • Could this be a comment from Ivor? Having no “Curse of Oak Island” in Geelong is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It just is.

  2. Could it be that I had some excellent zucchini parm at a big birthday party we attended yesterday, Ann?

  3. Finding the Oak Island treasure could answer a lot of questions, including, possibly, the question of whether Francis Bacon had any part in writing Shakespeare’s plays. I’m not sure the question of who wrote Shakespeare’s plays, though, will ever be fully answered. Other questions that may never be fully answered include why a duck? and why do I not like Peeps?

    • I wonder if there are any viaducts on Oak Island. I love all the literary and silly peeps you make on WordPress, Chris.

  4. Could it be that I like your geese and your ducks? And could it be that any time spent looking at your photos makes me happy? yes. It could be.

  5. The Curse of Oak Island is there seems no end to the program search, with tiny bits of artifacts popping up just often enough to titillate and keep you hooked for one more season. There must be at least 30-35 minutes of new program per one hour of show, with at least 15 minutes of commercials, followed with a repeat of the last minute shown before the commercial in case you are incapable of remembering what you just saw. One hopes they find the treasure or whatever is there, but it is excruciating television to watch. I try to avoid it till there is a full season shown, then serial watch it on the “on demand” featurfe on my cable. (That doesn’t make it any less excrutiating to watch, but, at least, you don’t have to wait a week between “nothing-burger” episodes.)

    • Could it be that I am most likely not going to watch “The Curse of Oak Island,” especially now that I also have your useful perspective on it? Could it be that I’m grateful for all your comments, including this one?

      • If you do, watch the later shows, last season. Most of the early ones are about drilling holes that yield nothing. Do you remember Geraldo Rivera and the Al Capone safe show? Sort of like that!

  6. Could be, indeed, it could be!

  7. Could this be me sitting here reading this and feeling happy

  8. I’m wondering what that little house in the woods by the stream is for. Not ducks. Pigs maybe. It’s cute though. Knowing what that is would be better than finding Oak Island gold.

    • Could it be that house WAS for the ducks? That’s what I assumed, but my assumptions could be wrong. Thanks for this golden comment, Lisa.

  9. I’ve heard of the Curse of Oak Island, but I’ve never seen it! Now I’m curious. πŸ™‚ Your vegetarian meal looks so good, Ann. Does he deliver? πŸ™‚

    • Could it be that Michael isn’t likely to deliver to California? Thanks for delivering another great comment, Debra.

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