Day 1757: Don’t take it personally

Don’t take it personally, but I’m reusing a photo from two days ago to start off this blog post.


Don’t take it personally, but I’ve personally blogged about personalization — the cognitive distortion of taking things too personally — several times before (including here, here, and here).

Yesterday, my niece Laura


(on the left, next to her daughter Victoria) told me that people might take it personally when I recently blogged about a get-together at my place next weekend, because I hadn’t invited them.  I told Laura, “Don’t take it personally.  That’s a gathering for a professional organization of group therapists.”

I hope Laura and Victoria don’t take it personally that I didn’t take a better picture of them yesterday.

Don’t take it personally that I personally took all these photos yesterday and you’re not in any of them.














Actually, don’t take it personally that I said you weren’t in any of those photos and you are, because you’re my ex-sister-in-law Deborah (who appears in several portraits above and who designed and built another beautiful home for sale), Cher,  Audrey who works at Pet Life, or Harley the cat.

Don’t take it personally that I have to rush and finish this post before I go to work.

Don’t take it personally that I’m using Michael Brecker’s tune “Nothing Personal” again in this blog.

Please take it personally that I’m thanking everybody who helps me create these blog posts and — of course! — YOU.




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18 thoughts on “Day 1757: Don’t take it personally

  1. I take it personally when you thank me.
    Thank you so much Ann.
    Please take this personally. 💕

  2. I’ll take it your way, Ann.

  3. I won’t take it personally–or, as some might say, it’s not you, it’s me. That old-fashioned typewriter reminds me that one of the first owners of a typewriter was Samuel Clemens. The model he owned was so clunky and difficult to use and prompted so many questions from people who received letters written with it he quickly abandoned it. Sometimes when I criticize technology people who work with computers take it personally, but I try to be constructive with my criticism and remember that the typewriter might never have been improved if people hadn’t suggested ways to make it better.

  4. Don’t take it personally, but I may need to find that book about the baseball team from Mars and read it.

  5. The only thing I take personally, here, is the kindness and consideration you show us. 🙂

  6. You are welcome to take a portrait of me from my blog to include in one of your posts. I won’t take it personally if you don’t 🙂

  7. These were super awesome pictures today! And I hope you take my complement personally!

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