Day 2290: Special Attention

If you’ve paid special attention to this daily blog, you might know that I wrote two posts about attention in my first year of blogging (Day 31: The Effect of Attention and Day 319: Paying attention) and one additional post about attention a year ago.

Why am I writing about special attention today?


That “SPECIAL ATTENTION” tag is from a dry cleaner, informing me that they gave special attention to a stain on a silk skirt but were unable to remove it.  When I picked up the skirt yesterday, I said to them, “Thanks for giving this special attention.  We all need special attention sometimes.”

When you pay special attention to that last sentence, do you agree that we all need special attention sometimes?  When do you need special attention?  How do you get that special attention when you need it?  Do you ask for it? Or do you hope that special people will know that you need it without your asking?

I’ve been giving special attention to my second letter from the President for my professional organization’s newsletter. I’ve been working on that special letter for days and no matter how much special attention I give it, I don’t like what I’m writing. Maybe I’m giving it too much special attention.

When I have special trouble writing or completing other special tasks, I especially take  breaks and turn my attention elsewhere. Which of my latest photos deserve your special attention?












I’ll be paying special attention to a podcast about coronary heart disease because it’s my first appearance on a podcast! Firsts are always special. I don’t have coronary heart disease but I did ask some questions about my special heart condition.

Here’s “Special Attention” by Ambelique.

I hope you know I’ll be giving special attention to your comments for this “special attention” post.

Special thanks to all who helped me create today’s special post and — OF COURSE! — YOU.

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17 thoughts on “Day 2290: Special Attention

  1. Special attention can make all the difference

  2. I’ve been getting special attention for the last six months Ann…

  3. I read this with special attention, learning more about you along the way.

  4. No one pays special attention to me which is good I think

  5. Pets are very good at giving us special attention, and there’s also special attention in acknowledging that someone did the best they could for you even if they didn’t succeed.

    • You are very good at giving special attention to your blog, Chris, and to mine also. Thanks for consistently and successfully doing your best.

  6. You’re special and deserve special attention, my friend. (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡

  7. I’m trying to pay special attention and be sure not to miss your podcast! Am I correct that it’s not yet uploaded somewhere?

    I’m touched by the traveling memorial. I’ll bet you’d be surprised to know that I have known four women murdered over the last 30 years? Only one was murdered by a stranger, and the other three, ages 16-45, were victims of domestic violence. I find it absolutely incredible that I, just one person, could know four victims. Statistically, that’s shocking. We should pay special attention to that fact! 😦

    • Here’s the podcast on YouTube (and my questions start around 19:00):

      And I always pay special attention to your thoughts and experience, Debra. My condolences for those shocking losses.

    • I wanted to pay special attention to your comment many months after you made it, Debra. I am so sorry that you have known four women murdered over the last 30 years. That is really shocking. ❤

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