Day 2211: Fun fun fun

Ready for some fun fun fun?

I’m having more fun fun fun than expected today because the strong winds and snow totals forecasted  for this weekend “drastically changed.” Instead of  my waking up to one fun foot of snow (as predicted), there are just a few fun inches:


I know some people have fun fun fun in the snow, but I’m not one one one of them.

Yesterday, I had fun fun fun taking these fun fotos for my fun readers.


















Here are some of my fun fun fun thoughts, now now now:

  • I recently wrote a fun fun fun post titled “Hello Beautiful,”  It was fun fun fun, yesterday, to see a different card with that beautiful greeting.
  • I wish the opposite-of-fun-fun-fun government shutdown would end end end, soon soon soon. It’s no fun when good governments go bad (like those pugs in that calendar).
  • My fun fun fun and funny funny funny boyfriend doesn’t like the word “fun.”  He prefers to use the word “engaged.”  That’s why I had so much fun taking this particular fun foto yesterday:


  • I love the word fun, use it all the time, and plan on having fun fun fun  as long as my heart heart heart  keeps beating beating beating.
  • Instead of just having fun fun fun on Groundhog Day in two weeks, this year for my birthday I’m doing a fun fun fund-raiser for Everytown for Gun Safety on fun  Facebook, because guns guns guns without safety are no fun fun fun.
  • I just read this fun article on how some Patriots fan fan fans don’t have so much fun fun fun on Game Day because their friends friends friends think they’re jinxed.
  • It’s fun fun fun for me to throw useless things away, especially when they ask me to keep them.


Are we having fun yet?

It’s fun for me to know how you have fun fun fun, so please please please  comment comment comment, below.

Thanks thanks thank to all who help me have fun fun fun, including you you you!




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27 thoughts on “Day 2211: Fun fun fun

  1. I hope you are fully engaged this game day Sunday, Ann, as the Patriots attempt to reach the Super Bowl.

  2. lifeinkarolingston

    I head lots of fun fun fun to read this post 😁

  3. It’s fun fun fun knowing that your cats will have fun fun fun even in the snow, and that you’re organizing an important important important fundraiser for a worthy worthy worthy cause.

  4. never envisioned fun, fun, fun
    like this
    growing up in a beach town
    during beach boy years.
    wishing you a fun
    snow day 🙂

  5. I still think snow is fun- as long as I don’t have to drive in it.

  6. Despite all the cold and blustery weather here, Ken and I went to a local indoor antique market to have a look around. It was fun, fun, fun!

  7. It’s a hot day here, and I’m sunshined in !! doing my balancing exercises and pedalling my exercise bike (Yorkie)

  8. Fun fun fun indeed

  9. I must admit I’m a little fixated on that ticket! If you were supposed to keep it, perhaps it’s related to something fun? I think I really like Michael’s “engaged” versus “fun.” People often ask me what I do for fun, and my interests sound a little boring to the adventure seekers. But I’m engaged in a lot. You can tell him I thank him…he’s provided a response I can build upon. 🙂

    • That’s a ticket for a raffle that’s long long long gone gone gone, and yet it still wants me to keep it! I thanked Michael for you, Debra, and he was very very very engaged by that.

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  11. SnOw funneh! (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*

  12. The three Funs are that those are beautiful toys and please try to take pictures if they play and get high with the catnip.

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