Day 2205: Hello, beautiful

Hello, beautiful.


How does that affect you, for somebody to call you beautiful?  What would happen if you called yourself beautiful?

Let’s try that again.

Hello, beautiful. On our beautiful flight to Disney World last week, I wrote a new song called “What Are Other People Thinking About You?” which included this lyric:

What are other people thinking about you?

That is something you will never know.

Then why not assume they’re thinking you’re gorgeous,

Smart, and someone they would want to know.

When I looked at those lyrics yesterday in the harsh, cold light of Boston, I realized I could make them more beautiful if I didn’t rhyme “know” with “know.”

Hello, beautiful. Here are my other beautiful photographs from yesterday:









My beautiful boyfriend Michael, who made that beautiful Portobello Burger last night, often says these beautiful words:

It’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with.

And since you’re always with yourself, why not enjoy the  beautiful company?

Searching YouTube for “Hello beautiful Minnie Mouse” found this beautiful match for today’s post about song lyrics and other beautiful topics:

Hello, beautiful.  Thanks for reading today’s post and if you leave a comment, that would be beautiful.


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31 thoughts on “Day 2205: Hello, beautiful

  1. Well said beautiful Ann 💕

  2. You are beautiful company, Ann.

  3. You are ann amazingly beautiful person. ღ˘◡˘ற♡.。oO

  4. Janis Moulton

    I agree with everyone else. You are beautiful, Ann, in so many ways.

  5. Hi Ann – what a beautifully positive post. I like your new song!! It is beautifully oprimistic!!!

  6. What about “Smart, and someone with who they want to grow”

  7. Soeey “Smart, and someone with WHOM they want to grow”

  8. Because I’ve been rereading Torch Song Trilogy I’m reminded of Harvey Fierstein: “I think my biggest problem is being young and beautiful. It’s my biggest problem because I’ve never been young and beautiful. Oh, I’ve been beautiful, and God knows I’ve been young, but never the twain have met.”
    That’s a beautiful line and I look forward to your next song which will also be full of beautifully funny lines.

  9. I have never thought of myself as beautiful but my daughter always call me beautiful, I don’t know why it is so hard to think of ourselves as being beautiful.

    • That’s beautiful that your daughter calls you beautiful, beautiful Joanne. Calling ourselves beautiful is so hard, that’s why it’s important to practice, practice, practice.

  10. Glad you’re home safe!

  11. A beautiful post by a beautiful person.

  12. That portobello burger really is beautiful!

  13. I love that burger! Michael is indeed thoughtful, and talented in the kitchen. 🙂 I really think some of us work most of our lives to be completely comfortable with who we are! Thank you for encouraging me forward, dear Ann.

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  15. Lovely!

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