Day 2212: Bad news

Yesterday, when I was avoiding the bad news on the 24-hour news and weather channels, I found this as I was going through old mail:


When I opened that envelope, I found two letters bearing bad news about medical issues I was dealing with in 2016. (If you want  details about that bad news, see Day 1407: Enough and Day 1408: The News.) 

Then, Michael, who was having fun fun fun shoveling the bad ice and snow, came inside and looked like he had bad news.  Sure enough, he said,   “I scratched your car while I was cleaning it off. You’re going to be mad. It’s bad.”

I did immediately get mad, because the bad news is that Michael has done that before, with my previous car.  Eight years ago, he used a shovel and scratched the paint on the roof of  my beloved grey Mazda. This time, he used a scraper and scratched the yellow paint on the hood of  my adorable Honda Fit.  I immediately delivered this news, “Never try to remove ice from the body of the car! You don’t need to!  Just clean off the glass!”  I think this is news to Michael because he doesn’t drive and has never owned a  car.

Then, I looked at the scratches and even though they were new and bad, the good news is that I quickly stopped being mad. That’s because of all this good news:

  • scratches can be repaired,
  • Michael has a great ratio for  removing ice and snow from my car without scratching it  — he’s only scratched the car two out of a kashmillion times, to use the new word/number Michael made up a kashmillion years ago,
  • the scratches make  my car and me look tougher,
  • you can’t see the scratches if you’re far enough away, and
  • Michael was neither scratched nor otherwise physically damaged while working so hard on the very bad ice and snow outside.

Then, Michael and I watched some bad news for people who hate the New England Patriots and also this new skit from Saturday Night Live:

What news do you see in my other new photos?








Lately, I’ve been dealing with bad news –including how COLD it is around here —  by dancing with Michael.  Here‘s what we danced to last night:

Here‘s more news from Stevie Wonder, in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

Please feel free to share any news in a comment, below.

Thanks to all who helped me create this “bad news” post and — of course! — to YOU, no matter what your news is, here and now.



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27 thoughts on “Day 2212: Bad news

  1. what a great paradigm shift. puts it all in perspective

  2. Due to the bad news from Pittsburgh of a dozen barges breaking loose and the result being FIVE closed bridges to get into the city, I’m staying an extra day, keeping warm in Ohio with my 3 1/2 yo grandson and family.

  3. Bless your heart for not being angry with Michael. Shall we dance again? LOL!
    ♪ヽ(▽ ̄ )ノ/(_△_)ヽ(  ̄▽)ノ

  4. glad to find the
    good news section,
    also 🙂

  5. Oh my, five bridges closed in Pittsburgh? That is really bad news! Hopefully no one was hurt when the barges broke loose – that would be the good news. I always am looking for the silver lining.

  6. It’s good news you are President, and I believe it’s good news for Michael that I sympathize with him, and here’s some good news, some bad news, and some indifferent news:

  7. It is good you didn’t stay mad over the scratches because really what is the point not going to change anything

  8. It’s may be true that ‘bad news’ can roughen one up (help with resilience issues). The good news is that I think Michael has an excellent ratio for all the times he’s done it, and one can buy a little can of touch-up paint to match the car’s color and fill the scratches in. They are pocket-sized and have a very little brush.

  9. Kashmillion is my new favorite number. Thanks for that Ann. Stay warm… we’re in single digits with wind chills in the 15 minus range

  10. I’ve never been in 3 degrees cold, Ann. I almost can’t compute it. I hate to think what I’d do if I had to shovel snow off of anything at all. My favorite comment in your list of reasons not to stay angry with Michael is that you can’t see the scratches if you’re far enough away! You get my prize for the best reframing of a negative situation. LOL! Sending you a very, very warm hug!!

    • Your very, very warm hug is even more appreciated than usual, Debra — as I’m typing this, it’s a balmy 7 degrees. It’s always very, very good news to hear from you.

  11. Pingback: Day 2249: Cold as ice | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  12. I’m glad you’re not mad at Michael, because if he was out in that cleaning your car he deserves a hug and a big bowl of chili regardless of the incident involving the small(ish) scratch.

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