Day 2138: Masks

Over two years ago, when I was in the hospital dealing with pneumonia and heart failure, I wrote a blog post titled “Masks“.

Yesterday, in a therapy group, people talked about the relationships between the masks they wear on the outside and how they feel inside.  I keep the identify of my group members masked because of confidentiality; therefore I only show what I create in group, including this mask:


Do you see masks in my other photos from yesterday?











Here’s “Behind the Mask” by Michael Jackson:

Here’s the “Cuban Pete” song from The Mask:

I never mask my gratitude for those who help me create these blog posts and — of course! — YOU!


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29 thoughts on “Day 2138: Masks

  1. You never need to mask anything from us. I wore one for Halloween actually, when I went as the dark knight.

  2. You faced things very well in this post, Ann!

  3. Thank you for taking off any masks with us Ann. 💕

  4. I love those “beauty” masks. Even if they do nothing, they are part of my self-care regimen, and they’re cheap.

    My CPAP mask is the one I wish I didn’t have to wear, but it lets me sleep, so I wear it.

  5. Maybe we all hide behind our mask sometimes

  6. Machiavelli said, “Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.” He was, in spite of what his name has come to mean, a strong believer in democracy and honesty in leadership, and his words remind us that sometimes speaking truth to power is best done through a mask.

  7. Authenticity is discarding the mask and letting people see and know the real you. Contentment is accepting and loving the maskless you. ❤️😍

  8. Sometimes I wish I was better at masks than I am

  9. How do you like my rabbit mask?  ̄(=✪ x ✪=) ̄ LOL!

  10. Yes, so true! In some places speaking the truth to power can cost you your job, if not your life. Masks can come in handy!

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  12. Foot mask??? Lol

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