Day 2726: Masks

Four years ago and six months ago (but who’s counting, especially these days?), I wrote two other blog posts with the title “Masks.”  I shall not mask my wish that you check out those two posts by clicking on the links in that previous sentence.

Why am I writing about “masks” today?

Are you kidding?  If you don’t know why, you must have been masked and ear-plugged in a locked room for a  dozen weeks (but who’s counting?).

Let’s see if there are any masks in my photos from yesterday.












There are MANY videos on YouTube about masks, and here’s one of them:



Wearing masks,

Is just one of those tasks,

We need to do for now.


If you wear glasses,

Are one of the masses,

Are one of the asses,

Or simply don’t know how.


Please find and wear a mask.

I really hate to ask,

Or take you to task.

(And now I take a bow.)

© Ann Koplow, 2020

I can’t mask my need to write blog posts, poems, songs, whatever, because THAT is what keeps me going in masked times like these. If you can write a different final line to my new poem “Masks,” please unmask that in a comment, below.

Here is the “Masks” section from Prokofiev‘s Romeo and Juliet:

I hope my gratitude for all  shines through, even when I’m wearing masks.



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25 thoughts on “Day 2726: Masks

  1. masks are in, let’s get it on. (as marvin gaye so eloquently said – at least the second part)

    you are the dr. seuss of the mask world.

  2. I must make a trip to library to meet some colleagues today, Ann, as preparations are underway for baby step interactions with patrons at a yet-unannounced date. (Curbside pickups start the ladder of progress.) Yes, masks are vitally involved, today and thereafter.

  3. The only problem my mother has in her care home is that she cannot understand the staff speaking into their masks

  4. I will wear a mask at my ophthalmologist’s appointment today, Ann. Thank you for the reminder. (I’m very lucky to have this appointment as they have had to cancel almost all of them because of COVID.)

    You are very productive and inspired during the pandemic.

  5. “But DO IT – DO IT NOW!”

  6. We must all wear masks when out in public. I don’t understand these people who resist with so little care or knowledge of the situation.

  7. The most important thing I’ve always kept in mind when I go out wearing a mask is that it’s not a matter of my own safety; I’m wearing it for the safety of others. Wearing a mask is being a responsible part of the social fabric.

  8. Debbie T

    “Just wear one and bask.”

  9. puella33

    I greatly appreciate you posting the video-my eyeglasses always fogged up. Now I know better. . Have a nice day, Ann

  10. I am not a mask wearer they irritate me

  11. Yes I made my first ever mask a couple of weeks ago, was fun actually but not something I would have imagined doing this time last year 🤔😊

  12. It’s very uncomfortable to wear a mask in this terribly hot weather. But to be safe, I need to wear one when I go out. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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